Why buy solid brass?

For 25 years, Cliffside Industries has been the United States’ pre-eminent distributor of premium-grade solid brass cabinet hardware. Our selections of cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and handles, solid brass latches, appliance pulls, and industry-leading cabinet and armoire hinges are renowned throughout the kitchen and bath industry as the unquestionable top of the line. Throughout our first quarter-century, while other hardware companies have come and gone, and when new ones are popping up every day with copycat styles and inferior materials, Cliffside has been steadfastly committed to providing high-quality solid brass hardware – so much so, in fact, that we have won awards to that effect. When so much other cabinet hardware is available in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials, customers just have to ask the question: “Why buy solid brass?… Why should I invest in my cabinet hardware? What difference does it truly make?” Allow us to enlighten you…

#1: Quality

Because Cliffside Industries produces high-end, top-quality hardware, you can rest assured that you are getting the “bang for your buck” that you are seeking. Solid brass is a heavy material and is designed to hold up over the long term. Our solid brass cabinet hinges, for example, are made through a process called extrusion; that is, the hot metal is pushed through a die that forms it into the proper hinge shape and then sliced off in thin sheets to provide the strongest available construction. For a real-life comparison, think of a piece of penne pasta: the flour is mixed with eggs or water into a pliable dough, then pushed through a ring-shaped die and sliced off into about 1-inch lengths. Many of the brass hinges made by our competitors are stamped from a sheet of brass. In keeping with the food comparison, think of a sheet of biscuit dough, rolled flat. In truth, when you cut out the circles of the biscuits, all that’s left around the outside: scraps (in this case, the hinge you are counting on to hold up your cabinet doors!). The extrusion process makes the hinges quantifiably stronger and more durable in the long run than stamped brass hinges. In comparison to steel, the hinges are resistant to the flaking and powdering that is often found with lesser-quality materials like carbon steel hinges. Additionally, our appliance pulls are load-tested to stand up over time to the repetitive opening and closing of refrigerator doors with vacuum or magnetic resistance.

#2: Durability

When finishes are plated onto brass rather than inferior materials like zinc, aluminum or steel, they become much more durable. In a standard industrial test of finish durability, the finishes plated onto brass hardware, on average, are approximately 300% the strength of those plated onto zinc material. Over the life of your hardware, that can really add up. When you go to the big-box home improvement store and buy the bubble pack of 6 knobs you see hanging on the rack, you will probably need to replace those knobs again very soon, because the finishes just won’t be durable enough to hold up over the long run. That brings us to…

#3: Value

When you remodel your kitchen, you are making a true investment in your home. Many realtors agree that, in terms of home value, a new kitchen will add approximately 80–90% of its value to the price of your home. In numeric terms, if you invest $50,000 in your kitchen, that can add up to a whopping $45K to the value of your house! That’s a lot! You want this kitchen to stick around, and you want it to be productive and useful for many years, whether you are living there, whether you pass the home on to your children or other relatives, or whether you sell the home to a prospective buyer. In terms of cost, the value you get in choosing solid brass hardware over zinc is easily seen. The cost difference from zinc to brass is usually an average of 25% to 35% more per piece, but for that additional 25%, you are getting nearly twice the weight, two or more times the quality, and three times the durability! In all cases, solid brass is the winning choice.


The next time someone asks you, “What’s the difference? Why can’t I just buy this cheap knob for $2.00 at the box store?”, you can tell them the advantages: buy quality, durable products and get your money’s worth!

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