What’s the difference: part 2 of 3

In continuing our series on finish comparison, Cliffside proceeds from the gray to the gold, delving into the land of brasses. While much of Cliffside’s hardware is “solid brass”, only a few of those pieces are designated with “brass”-named finishes, like antique brass or polished brass, so it’s easy to get the two confused. Here are some other questions that our customer representatives field often:

What’s the difference between…

…polished brass and antique brass?

Cliffside’s polished brass finish has been around since the beginning. It, like the polished chrome and nickel focused on in our last edition, has a high-polish lacquer applied to it, which protects the finish and gives it that lustrous shine that is Cliffside’s signature color.

Antique brass, on the other hand, has a richer, more accented look while still maintaining a glossy sheen that is similar to the silver satin. Pieces with high levels of detailing, like Cliffside’s Rope and Moderno Suites, make especially good use of the antique brass lacquer, as its dark elements linger in the ornamentation and elevate accented designs to a new plane.

The two finishes can be seen below, side-by-side on the same solid brass knobs:

At left, the 110 and K580 knobs in polished brass; on the right, the same knobs in antique brass
At left: 110-PB (top) and K580-PB; at right: the same knobs in antique brass

…antique brass and antique english?

Cliffside’s suppliers are located worldwide in a variety of locations, and so their interpretations of finishes occasionally vary. In particular, Cliffside’s solid brass hinges are manufactured in Europe, so the antique brass finish that is applied to them is quite different from the rest of our hardware.

Compare, in this picture, an antique brass (AB) hinge alongside an antique brass (AB) pull:

K344-3-AB at left, as compared to BH3A-AB on the right
K344-3-AB at left, as compared to BH3A-AB on the right

You can clearly see that the European-made antique brass hinge is much darker; its color, in fact, is comparable to the dark lacquer present on the foot of the pull shown at left. Cliffside’s customers were seeking an alternative antique brass hinge to match more closely with our AB hardware, so Cliffside developed the antique english finish.

View now the same image, but with an antique english hinge replacing the antique brass:

K344-3-AB at left, as compared to BH3A-AE on the right
K344-3-AB at left, as compared to BH3A-AE on the right

These two colors are a better match when the hardware with a lot of open golden space, but the AB hinges are still available for those customers who prefer a darker finish, or for those who are using darker, more detail-oriented hardware, such as Cliffside’s Criss-Cross Suite.

Below, see the same hinge in both the AB and AE finishes:

BH2A-NM hinges in AB (left) and AE (right)
BH2A-NM hinges in AB (left) and AE (right)

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