Vintage Hardware Ideas

One of the most popular looks in interior décor is the vintage look. Vintage décor, whether you choose it for a single room in your house or your whole home, is simple yet elegant, calling to mind a simpler time when quality artisanship and hard work were valued above all else. If you’re decorating a vintage home, the right hardware can be just the thing to complete your look. Here are some ideas on how to perfectly accent your vintage décor with vintage hardware.

Vintage-Style Hardware Suites

The Artisan Suite of cabinetry hardware from Cliffside Industries can perfectly accent a vintage look. It includes cabinet pulls, cup pulls, latches and more in a variety of finishes designed to go with both modern and vintage décor, with a tasteful elegance that can enhance the look of the entire room.  Other hardware suites from Cliffside that make a great fit for vintage décor include the Classic Suite and the Scroll Suite.

Vintage-Style Finishes

The right hardware finish can put the perfect accent on a vintage look. Some of the finishes that are highly suitable for vintage décor include old antique, old copper, rustic brass, antique brass, pewter and antique iron. All of these finishes convey Old-World durability and style while remaining fresh and timeless for the homes of today.

Order Your Vintage Hardware and Finish From Cliffside Industries Today

Cliffside Industries offers a wide range of cabinetry hardware products that are of the highest quality and varied enough to suit virtually any type of décor. Whether you’re looking to replace your existing cabinetry hardware or you are starting from scratch, Cliffside has the products you need. You can choose a suite of products that have already been matched for maximum impact by your experts, or customize your hardware décor with your choice of styles, products and finishes to create a truly distinctive vintage design that’s unique to your home décor.

To learn more about how the right hardware can complete your vintage décor look or to choose from the many Cliffside Industries hardware products, call us at 717-627-3286 or place an order online today.

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