Summery hardware ideas

The BR228 palm tree knob
The BR228 palm tree knob

Recently, I read an article on Style At Home’s website about the best summer updates for your home. For your enjoyment, we’ve compiled some of our favorite summer hardware choices from our wide selection of knobs and pulls.

If you’re thinking about the beach, consider Cliffside’s line of nautical-themed cabinet hardware. We offer knobs and pulls representing sea life like fish and seahorses, as well as underwater plants and oceanic objects. We also have cabinet hardware specifically themed toward the beach, like sea turtle knobs, crab knobs, and palm tree handles.

For hardware to remind of you of the bright summer sun, consider Cliffside Industries’ collection of polished brass hardware, including our solid brass hardware suites in that finish. Of course, if you want to be more literal, you can just look at the sun-shaped knob or the sunflower!

Cliffside's river rock knobs are reminiscent of the sea.
Cliffside’s river rock knobs are reminiscent of the sea.

If you like a mix of tropical colors, consider Cliffside’s line of colored lead crystal cabinet knobs, like the M30 and M995, and the Athens series polyester knobs and pulls. Our wide selection of hues ranges from tropical shades like pink, red, and golden yellow to more subdued marine tones like green, turquoise, and blue.

On the beaches of Maine, sand is not the norm; instead, you will see coastlines of rocks and stones worn smooth by the sea. If this is your idea of a summer getaway, consider Cliffside’s line of river-smoothed stone knobs.

Enjoy this summer, and check back soon for more hardware tips!

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