Rustic Modern Knob Ideas

Of the many interior décor styles you have to choose from, one that is increasing in popularity today seems to be the rustic modern style. Rustic modern décor blends a modern style with a distressed, rustic look, combining modern furnishing styles with a natural, raw look. It might include a distressed look on cabinets and chairs, log furniture and use of rock and stone.

One of the ideas that goes well with this look is rustic modern cabinet knobs. These are knobs that look self-made and are durable. Popular themes are knobs that look as if they were carved from semiprecious stones or made entirely out of such stones or rocks, or metal knobs made out of bronze that looks unfinished or that shows the hammering technique used to make them.

If you’re seeking that rustic modern look but aren’t interested in going out to the woods or the desert to find material to make your own cabinet knobs, consider the Sedona hardware suite from Cliffside Industries instead. This suite includes a variety of oval and round cabinet knobs with an extremely rustic look, some including dents, scoring, slightly irregular shapes and other elements that give them a true rustic modern feel.

You can complete the effect with a variety of rustic finishes, including antique silver, antique iron and bronze. If you already have rustic furniture, these knobs will go with them perfectly, and if you have modern furniture and are trying to add that rustic touch, this suite of hardware can be just the thing.

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