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Cliffside's 2010 Fine Hardware Collections catalog
Cliffside's Fine Hardware Collections catalog

In August 2010, Cliffside Industries released our newest Fine Hardware Collections catalog. This new generation of product catalog was born from countless ideas and requests from Cliffside customers to offer literature that is concise, straightforward, and well-organized with a clean approach. By eliminating fussy background and distracting props, we have brought the focus back to the hardware; Cliffside’s customers have asked and we delivered!

What’s new in this catalog?

The first new feature begins immediately inside the catalog, with our Table of Contents on page 3. Coupled with the Index (page 67), Cliffside provides two easy ways to cross-reference our products. Distinct color tabs define individual product lines, making it easy to locate a specific item.

New to this catalog are our hardware suites, which occupy pages 4 through 15 of the catalog. Each suite, including the new Artisan Suite, is shown in its entirety on these pages. All of Cliffside’s suites are crafted from solid materials, including brass, stainless steel, and bronze. Every item shown in the suite has a letter code, referencing the catalog page on which the item can be found. Customers have said that showing the hardware suites in the beginning of the catalog helps their clients to visualize the complete look of the job and facilitates decision-making.

Immediately following the suites is the complete breakdown of Cliffside’s product line. Each item is shown in all of its available finishes on the same page, and are shown on a white background for easy color comparison. For example, on page 17, you will find the 110 series knob in all of its available finishes. The clean look of the white page allows a truer interpretation of each finish color, repeated again for each page of solid brass knobs, latches, and cup pulls.

Beginning on page 24, you can see Cliffside’s new solid brass pull sets; each is shown in all available finishes in its 3″cc size, with the 8″cc and 12″cc sizes shown for proportion. You can now see up to thirty pieces of hardware on just one page of our catalog! Additionally, we offer suggestions on each page for coordinating cup pulls to complete your look.

If you are interested in Cliffside’s solid brass hinges, look no further than pages 34 to 46! Our 2010 catalog includes an expanded hinge line with several new products, as well as several classic hinges in new finishes. Our hinge specifications have grown to three whole pages to provide the most comprehensive information for your hinge purchase.

Just added to our hardware line is our builders’ hardware, which involved expanding, improving, and unifying several different Cliffside product lines. There are four finishes available in the builders’ line, which are shown on pages 52 and 53 of our catalog; several new products are available in this line, including the all-new Z211-96 and the addition of finishes to the 813-B knob  and 1040-B pull.

As in our previous editions, this catalog has several pages devoted to Cliffside’s top-selling special-order hardware, including European lead crystal and novelty items. Check out Cliffside’s website in the near future for our continually expanding line of novelty products.

How can I get literature for my customers?

To give your customers a more streamlined selection, small literature flyers are available.
To give your customers a more streamlined selection, small literature flyers are available.

If you need literature for customers, please contact Cliffside or make a literature request through our website. We are proud to say that we are the only company in our industry who is providing a full-line magazine-style catalog for our dealers to distribute to their clients. We have premium-grade catalogs for designers and manufacturers to use in their showrooms and shops, and we also offer a separate customer magazine that can be distributed without fear of losing your original book.

Our customer magazine contains the same 68 pages as our regular premium-grade catalog; it is simply a slightly smaller size, and is printed on a magazine-quality paper. This allows your clients to take home the same literature that they see in your showroom. If they have a question, they can call you directly; their catalog page numbers will be the same as yours, so it’s easy to cross-reference! They can also use their magazine in conjunction with our website, as you can, but they’ll never see your prices!

If your customer is indecisive about the full hardware line, you can also request small flyers which limit the hardware selection; these concise product supplements show four of our solid brass hardware suites, the stainless steel suite, and the Sedona line, as well as the finishes in which the solid brass hardware is available.

Can I get more literature for my showroom?

If you need additional literature, please contact us or make a literature request through the website. If you have any questions on literature you have received, Cliffside’s customer service staff is ready and willing to assist; our hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM ET.

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