Cabinet Handles and Drawer Pulls

Within Cliffside Industries’ solid brass hardware suites, five styles of cabinet pulls, appliance handles, and cup and bin pulls are offered in ten signature finishes. Each pull design has four available sizes. Two sizes, available for cabinets, measure 3 inches and 5 inches on center. For small appliances such as dishwashers, freezer drawers, and under-counter refrigerations, the 8-inch center-to-center small appliance pulls are traditionally most appropriate. Finally, a 12-inch center appliance handle is available for full-size refrigerators of any dimension. These handles are all made of solid brass and painstakingly crafted in a variety of traditional designs. To coordinate with each set of pulls, a solid brass cup pull is available, measuring 3 inches on center and available in 10 finishes. Because all of the items are available in the same finishes, designers and customers are able to mix and match between the suites to create a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

The Scroll Suite pulls: SP series and K4235

The Scroll Suite contains many of Cliffside’s most popular-selling items. The SP series pulls incorporate a timeless design, with the accented design in the center of each handle giving the suite its name. Each of the four pull sizes comes with removable escutcheons or backplates, which can be used upon installation at the customer’s discretion. The SP-3 and the SP-5 series handles (lower left) are the cabinet sizes in this suite, while the SP-12 refrigerator pull (top) and SP-8 small appliance handle (below) are the sizes appropriate for assorted home appliances. At bottom right, the K4235 series cup pull is displayed, its half-circular shape reflecting the contour of the central ball within the handles’ scroll design.

The Classic Suite pulls: B1 series and K341

The Classic Suite pulls evoke clean lines and are lightly decorated with the beveled edge common to all of this collection’s hardware pieces. The B1 series pulls’ design is elegant, with simplicity as a leading factor. Due to their size, the B1-12 series refrigerator handles (top) make a bold statement; indeed, this item is made from more than 3 pounds of solid brass. For smaller appliances like under-counter refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers, the B1-8 series pulls are the most appropriate size. For cabinet doors and drawers, the B1-3 series and B1-5 series handles (lower left) offer your choice of two sizes: 3 inches on center for small cabinets, or 5 inches on center for larger doors, ceiling-height cabinets, or wide drawers. The elongated lines of the handles are echoed in the oblong shape of the K341 series cup pull, with all items available in ten signature finishes.

The Artisan Suite pulls: B622 series and B602

In the Artisan Suite, each pull is designed with an attractive ‘faux screw’ motif; this style is repeated on each of the four B622 handle sizes as well as the bin pull. The B622-3 cabinet handle is a pull with a delicate look, but its solid brass construction makes it sufficiently strong to stand up to everyday use. For a bolder look, the B622-5 series cabinet pull is a larger size in the same series. It offers a slightly higher grip height and more overall space for hands and fingers, making it more convenient for independent living, in addition to providing aesthetic variation. For a small appliance, such as a dishwasher or trash compactor, the B622-8 series small appliance handle is the optimum design, allowing modern kitchen conveniences to be enhanced by the work of fine craftsmen. The same is true with the refrigerator pulls in this suite—the B622-12 series appliance handle. In matching style, the B602 series cup handle has the same ‘faux screw’ design around its rim, made of solid brass and measuring 3 inches on center.

The Rope Suite pulls: K344 series and K544

The pulls and handles of the Rope Suite are some of the most traditional designs in Cliffside’s hardware line. Fine woodworking and traditional cabinetry often utilize the rope design in creating mouldings, trim, or detailing. Cliffside’s K344 series pulls echo this ubiquitous style with the same roped pattern across the face of each handle. The K544 series cup pulls also maintain the same design, with the rope decoration around the exterior rim of the half-circle bin pull. For cabinets and drawers, Cliffside’s Rope Suite has two available sizes: the K344-3 cabinet pull and the K344-5 series handle. The choice between the two is a decision based not on strength, but on size and aesthetic concerns. The K344-3 is a traditional size, with similar designs found in many hardware lines, but the 5″cc version is unique to Cliffside and offers a bold alternative to the smaller handle. For various kitchen conveniences, the K344-8 small appliance pull is an excellent match with traditional wood-panel kits for dishwashers or freezer drawers, and the K344-12 series refrigerator handle is perfect for the largest of household appliances.

The Criss-Cross Suite pulls: P399 series and P398

With a ribbon-and-reed design often found in fine cabinetry and traditional woodworking, Cliffside’s Criss-Cross Suite brings a tasteful embellishment to cabinets both simple and ornate. The P399 series pulls are deeply engraved with the reeded pattern, which is also found on the P398 series cup pull (lower right). The P399-12 series refrigerator handles are a perfect match for appliances in a traditional kitchen, especially where the doors are paneled in wood. Where smaller refrigerators are specified, such as for under a counter, choose the P399-8 series small appliance handles; these also work well for oversized pantry doors and for dishwashers. For cabinet doors and drawers, Cliffside offers the P399-3 series and P399-5 series cabinet handles, each sized and tested for everyday use. All of these are available in our ten signature finishes.

Additional handle and pull selections

For additional handle and pull selections in zinc die cast and other alternative materials, feel free to browse our online catalog, search through the ‘cabinet pulls and handles’ product category on our website, or view our rustic antique collection; novelty knobs and pulls; contemporary hardware; or builder’s hardware, including our Italian builder’s collection. Additional selections are also available in our Sedona and Stainless Steel Suites.

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