Press Release: Hardware Suites

Cliffside Industries Introduces New Hardware Suites

Drawing on decades of experience distributing traditional solid brass hardware

Cliffside Industries proudly introduces our new hardware suites. Each suite contains a variety of items designed to be used in conjunction with one another. Each suite contains a minimum of three knobs, a 3″cc pull, a 3″cc cup pull, an 8″cc pull, a 12″cc pull, and two latches. Any item from any suite can be mixed and matched with items from another. Additionally, all four solid brass suites are available complete in all of our top ten finishes, including  Antique Brass, Black, Iron, Old Antique, Old Copper, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Silver Satin, and Venetian Bronze. Cliffside also offers six different hinge styles in finishes to match nearly every suite. The four solid brass suites include:

Scroll Suite

This suite contains the scroll-style pulls SP-3, SP-8, and SP-12. Any knobs or cup pulls in our line may be used with this suite, but we particularly recommend the 100, 100-20, or 105 series knobs and the K4235 cup pull. See the photos below for more details. Due to the sleek ball design in the middle of the pull, Cliffside’s new ball tip hinges work very well with this design.

Rope Suite

This suite contains the rope-design pulls K344, K344-8, and K344-12. A new cup pull, K544, has been designed specifically for this suite as well, though customers wishing for a simpler look may certainly choose any other piece. The B674-31 and B721 knobs also have the rope design on their faces, though we recommend the 161 series for customers seeking a simpler solution. Cliffside’s line of 3-8-OFFSET hinges add a definitive sparkle to this hardware series.

Criss-Cross Suite

Many new items are available in this suite, including the P-399-8 and P-399-12 pulls, which match the original P-399. Previously available in only two finishes, this entire line, which includes the P-398 cup pull, the K-580 knob, and the new K-579 knob, is now available in all of the top ten finishes. With this decorative look, Cliffside recommends the armoire hinges to add a unique accent to your cabinet doors.

Classic Suite

The lines of this suite are smooth and contoured as the hardware is defined by the B1-3 and B1-12 pulls. The new B1-8 is an addition to this line. Cliffside also offers the K341 cup pull, as the 110, 158, and 161 series knobs. Two different cupboard latches are available with this and with all other suites as well. Cliffside’s original BH2A or BH2A-NM hinges work well with this series, in steeple or ball finial.

Other suites


The Sedona suite, available in three rustic finishes, contains many of the elements of the traditional Cliffside suites. With pulls available in four sizes up to 18″cc as well as a cup pull, Sedona pulls offer a variety of design options in Antique Iron, Antique Silver, and Bronze. Five knobs are also available: small and large round knobs, small and large wave knobs, and an oblong knob. If you are looking for hinges to match a Sedona project, call customer service for more information.

Stainless Steel

While there are no cup pulls available in stainless steel, our T305 and T366 series pulls are available in a variety of sizes from 96mm cc up to 1392mm cc. Two knobs, the T565-30 and the T6312-25, are also available. These pulls also match well with our solid brass hinges in the “SS” (silver satin) finish. For appliances, Cliffside also offers the D85 series pulls, with sizes up to 64″ overall.

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Company Information

Cliffside Industries has been designing and distributing high-quality solid brass hardware since 1987 and supplies many of the industry’s most respected cabinet manufacturers, dealers, builders, remodelers and designers. We believe our hardware to exemplify the highest quality in the industry. Orders for stock hardware will ship within 24 hours, and matching break off screws are included with all orders.

Further information

Contact Cliffside customer service for more details and ordering information:

“Cliffside Industries is an award winning distributor of traditional solid brass hinges, knobs and pulls respected industry-wide for our customer service. Family owned and operated since 1987.”

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