What’s the difference between solid brass and die cast?

One of those questions you may have been burning to know…

Brass is a metal alloy used in making many of our high-quality products. Many of our pieces are classified as solid brass, meaning that they are not hollow and are composed entirely of brass, making them quite dense, very durable, and more expensive than die cast. Brass pieces can retail for 20%-30% more than a comparable piece of zinc die cast hardware, but the increase in price is made up by an increase in quality and durability. The brass used to manufacture Cliffside’s solid brass hardware consists of approximately 60% copper, 37% zinc, and 3% other trace metals.

Die cast hardware is made primarily from zinc, a bluish-white, malleable metal. Unlike brass, which is an alloy, zinc is a element, meaning that it occurs naturally. Zinc is used to make paints, a variety of hygiene products, and, of course, die cast cabinet hardware. Zinc hardware is more affordable than solid brass, but is also much lighter and scores much lower in a standard salt spray test, used to test the durability of metal and plating. The zinc alloy used to make Cliffside’s die cast hardware consists of approximately 95% zinc, 4% aluminum, and 1% other trace metals.

New display board program

As we prepare for our new catalog and get ready to add a selection of completely new hardware items to our product line in 2009, we have many customers who call us asking for display boards. In this frame of mind, Cliffside has developed a new display board program.
With our new custom board program, your board is personal to your showroom, so there won’t be another one quite like it. Cliffside Industries will ship you an attractive display board embossed with our company logo, and you can design it with the hardware that you prefer.

Order your hardware directly from our office in Pennsylvania, and receive a 20% display discount on it. This applies to all of the hardware that we offer, including hinges and special order hardware!

As you purchase Cliffside hardware directly from us, you can earn credit to recoup the cost of your display hardware for up to 24 months after your initial purchase.

If you have trouble choosing just the right hardware, contact us! Our knowledgeable customer service staff is available from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST to assist you in choosing hardware, including our top-selling pieces. Continue reading “New display board program”

Can you be allergic to nickel?

Nickel (Ni) is a silvery-white metal that can be found in nature. It is usually mixed with other metals to produce alloys. For example, nickel-iron, which is used to manufacture stainless steel, is the most common nickel alloy. Other nickel alloys are used to make coins, costume jewelry, zippers, buttons, eyeglass frames, pens etc. Nickel is found in many common, everyday items.

Nickel allergy is a contact allergy, which is an allergic skin reaction in response to being exposed to a contact allergen or irritant, such as nickel. A nickel allergy can occur at any age, and typically manifests a few days after first contact as eczema (allergic contact dermatitis), which appears as an itchy, dry/crusty, and red/pigmented skin rash with watery blisters.

Additionally, nickel is used as a primary chemical throughout the plating process used by Cliffside’s supplier to color and finish the hardware. For customers with allergies to nickel, the following finishes in our catalog should be safe, using these finish codes:

Cliffside’s Top Ten Finishes

As part of our upcoming “Best Sellers” promotion, today we bring you the second half of our top ten list – Cliffside Industries’ top 10 finishes. Enjoy!
Silver satin finish
Silver satin finish

Silver Satin

Far and away Cliffside’s most popular-selling finish, this brushed finish matches well with any stainless steel or brushed nickel hardware. Silver Satin is both bold in presentation and delicate in color.
Old antique finish
Old antique finish

Old Antique

A very popular hinge finish, Old Antique is Cliffside’s name for the industry standard “oil-rubbed bronze.” Our OA finish is a rich chocolate brown color and looks great in any traditional kitchen.
Antique brass finish
Antique brass finish

The second brushed finish featured in this blog, our Antique Brass is a rich golden color with dark detailing. Our Antique Brass finish is well-suited to any traditional furniture, especially in darker woods. Continue reading “Cliffside’s Top Ten Finishes”

Cliffside’s Top Ten List

For our inaugural blog entry, Cliffside Industries is proud to present our top ten hardware styles. This list encompasses some of our most popular knobs, hinges, and pulls. Enjoy!
100 series knob
100 series knob

1. 100 series knobs

True to its roots, the 100-series knob has remained the same since Cliffside’s founding in 1987. Featuring an elegantly tapered stem and a pristine flat face, this hardware will lend a classic look to your kitchen or bath. There are also backplates available in a few select finishes to match this particular knob.

Important facts:

The diameter of the 100 series knob is 1¼” at the widest point and ¾” at the base. It is also approximately 1⅛” tall. This is the first knob that Cliffside Industries marketed and sold. It is available in all of our top 10 finishes, as well as several others.

BH2A series hinge
BH2A series hinge
2. BH2A series hinges

Unlike many of our competitors, Cliffside’s hinges are and have always been manufactured from high quality solid brass. These hinges are also adjustable and are made with 6 countersunk screw holes (4 have adjustment space). The BH2A is the top seller in our hinge line by far, topped with our signature decorative finial, though a few selected finishes are available without the finial as well.

Important facts:

All of our hinges are extruded brass, meaning that they are pushed through a die and cut individually rather than stamped from a sheet of metal. Copper, a main component of brass, often requires temperatures in excess of 1100°F to extrude. The benefits of extruded brass are great, reducing squeaking and wear on the metal and providing increased durability. The plate face of the hinge is 2 inches in length, while the barrel is 2¾” inches long. Continue reading “Cliffside’s Top Ten List”