The bitter taste of poor quality lingers far longer than the initial sweetness of a cheap price.

Raw brass on Cliffside's new ball tip hinges, coming soon
Raw brass on the new ball-tip hinges, coming soon

High quality hardware has a reputation for fine workmanship and how well it maintains a finish. These materials, used in making many of our products, have a natural finish that often forms its own natural protective coating that prevents tarnish, oxidation and corrosion and is up to 3 times as durable as plated economy hardware. High quality hardware is strong and flexible, very versatile, has a significantly longer lifespan than products made of economy materials and has lower maintenance costs. Often double the weight of comparably sized economy hardware, high quality hardware is solid, quite dense, and sturdy. The average retail sales price premium for all of these advantages averages only 20%.

Brass is a metal alloy used in making many of our high-quality products. Many of our pieces are classified as solid brass, meaning that they are not hollow and are composed entirely of brass, making them quite dense, and very durable. The brass used to manufacture Cliffside’s solid brass hardware consists of approximately 60% copper, 37% zinc, and 3% other trace metals. (See also “What’s the difference between solid brass and die cast?”)

A bronze cup pull
A bronze cup pull

Bronze is a metal alloy produced by blending copper and tin. It can contain between 2% and 20% tin. It is a sturdy, durable metal and is much harder than brass. The resonance of bronze makes it ideal. Bronze has a natural patina that forms on it turning the bronze a dark, dull color and provides a protective layer preventing oxidation below the surface of the bronze. Most bronze is coated with a thin layer of lacquer to protect the metal and the patina. Bronze looks its best when it is minimally treated. Continue reading “The bitter taste of poor quality lingers far longer than the initial sweetness of a cheap price.”

Featured Dealer: Adelphi Kitchens

A kitchen manufactured and installed by Adelphi

About Adelphi Kitchens & Cabinetry
Adelphi Kitchens & Cabinetry was founded by four brothers in 1946 in a small garage behind their home. Today, their descendants own and manage the company and have more than 220 dealers across the nation, some dating back to the late fifties. With a work force of 120 skilled artisans, Adelphi produces approximately 60 custom kitchens each week in its modern 160,000-square-foot facility on 20-acres in Robesonia, Pa.

Company History
Adelphi Kitchens & Cabinetry began in 1946 as Yatron Brothers, a partnership between Paul and Nicholas Yatron. A year later, Stratton and Harry Yatron joined the business. The company started in a garage behind the Yatron family residence in Reading, Pennsylvania. In a short period of time the adjoining garage was added. The two garages served as a factory, sales room, and warehouse. Three moves were made within a four-year period at the end of which there were four partners and five employees.

A sink and vanity built by Adelphi

After spending several years in the last location in Reading, a piece of undeveloped real estate on Lancaster Pike was purchased. The four brothers built their own factory, working weekends and evenings. Yatron Brothers remained at this factory from 1955 to 1962, and grew their work force to twelve employees. In 1962, a 40,000 square-foot factory in West Lawn, Pennsylvania was purchased.

Yatron Brothers was a diversified manufacturer engaged in the production of Formica and chrome dinette sets, commercial store fixtures, bars, booths, and back bars for restaurants and social clubs, institutional furniture for schools and college dormitories, and custom wood cabinets. In 1963, George Stewart, Chief Architect of the United States Capitol, selected Yatron Brothers to manufacture fifteen walnut display cases to display the memorabilia of various presidents of the United States. These display cases are still in use today. They can be seen on the ground floor of the rotunda of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

In the sixties, Yatron Brothers was slowly setting up a kitchen dealer network which established the main source of the company’s retail sales. Upon the development of this sales network, the name of the company was changed to Adelphi Kitchens, Inc. and Paul and Stratton Yatron purchased the shares of the other two partners.

An Adelphi kitchen island

Adelphi produced cabinets at the West Lawn location until 1984 when the company purchased the former Caron Spinning Mills in Robesonia, Pennsylvania. The Robesonia location boasts in excess of 160,000 square feet of production space on a 19½-acre tract. Today, the company has over 220 dealers nationwide – some going back to the late fifties – with the bulk of business being done east of the Mississippi. The factory produces sixty kitchens a week with a work force of about 120 people.

To learn more about Adelphi, visit their website at

Featured product line: Latches

This week, the Cliffside blog focuses on one of our more popular hardware lines: our latches. We offer two styles of latches to suit any designers’ style.
Ice box cupboard latch available soon in antique brass!
Ice box cupboard latch available soon in antique brass!

The Ice Box Cupboard Latch, or IBCL, is a recent addition to our product line, and is offered in seven vibrant finishes. These pieces are relatively unique throughout the kitchen and bath industry, and are often hard to find or require a long lead time. Cliffside, however, has these items in stock and ready to ship as part of our signature hardware line. The available finishes currently include silver satin, polished nickel, old antique, polished chrome, polished brass, flat black, and old copper, with three new finishes to come with our new product lines arriving in early 2009.

With six holes aligned along the sides of the cast-brass surface, the Ice Box Latch is easy to install, is practical to use, and Cliffside offers the lowest prices in the hardware industry on products of this type! The design of the latch is inspired by the traditional ice box door handle and is secured to the door frame by a simple solid brass catch with a matching finish. Each latch also comes with matching screws. The thumb pull has an exceptionally smooth mechanism aided by a high-quality spring hidden inside the cast frame. This is a distinctively unique piece of hardware that adds a professional look to any door.

Solid brass cupboard latch in polished nickel coming soon!
Solid brass cupboard latch in polished nickel coming soon!

The Solid Brass Cupboard Latch, or SBCL, has been part of the Cliffside line for several years, but is nearly as popular as the new IBCL. This turn-style latch is sleek and stylish with a rounded knob and solid construction. It is currently available in five finishes, including polished chrome, flat black, polished brass, old antique, and silver satin. Five more finishes are coming soon, including Venetian bronze, old copper, iron, antique brass, and polished nickel.

Though this particular style of latch is much more common in the hardware industry than the ice box latch, Cliffside’s solid brass latch is priced competitively within the industry, offered at more than 30% off the comparable items sold by our competitors. This traditional-style latch is also an excellent way to keep your doors secured. Whereas a standard knob or pull is only used to open a door, latches keep your doors closed tightly, your belongings away from prying eyes.

Ice Box Latches - current and new!
Ice Box Latches - current and new!

The IBCL is 1⅞” by 1½”, while the SBCL is 2″ by 1⅞”. Both are made from cast solid brass and are warrantied by the same policy that covers all Cliffside hardware (see our FAQ for more details). If you have any questions or are interested in ordering either of these pieces, please contact customer service!

Top five design trends

As you recover from your holiday indulgences, we’re presenting a lighter version of our earlier top ten lists. This list was compiled from research into our own products and other industry publications as a guide to what is driving kitchen and bath designers right now. No leftovers here! For your Thanksgiving pleasure, it’s Cliffside’s top five design trends!

Antique iron Sedona hardware

1. Antique colors/finishes

In examining our data, one of the most prevalent trends we noticed industry-wide was the use of antique colors, styles, and finishes. Cliffside provides ample opportunity to participate in this trend; some examples are the old antique, flat black, iron, oil-rubbed bronze, and old copper finishes, and the new Venetian bronze. The Sedona line, pictured here and in the header image above, is also a prime example of this “distressing” fad. Out of Cliffside’s top ten finishes, five are associated with this trend, proving that some things just do get better with age!

Brushed nickel hardware

2. Brushed finishes

A second trend that is popular throughout the kitchen and bath design world is the use of satin and brushed finishes. Cliffside offers many products in our most popular finish, silver satin, as well as brushed nickel, which matches SS very closely, and the naturally brushed stainless steel. On our solid brass knobs and pulls, the antique brass finish also sports a brushed look. The new Venetian bronze, as mentioned above, is a hybrid of antique and brushed, showing copper details hidden underneath its dark facade. As our top-selling finish, silver satin proves that sometimes, being popular really is the way to go!

One of Cliffside's crystal knobs

3. Elegant hardware

Some of the most elegant pieces that Cliffside offers are genuine lead crystal knobs. Though the crystal is crafted in Europe, the pieces are proudly assembled in the United States and ship direct from our supplier to your front door. These classic pieces lend an elegant tone to any kitchen or bathroom! We also offer marble hardware to coordinate with stone countertops, both in stock items and special order. For a formal look, designers can also explore our lines of solid brass hardware, which will be expanding early next year.

Stainless steel hardware

4. Contemporary colors

The classic contemporary colors are a staple of our line and are popular throughout the industry, and we have recently added to these finishes. The brushed tones of silver satin, brushed nickel, brushed black nickel and stainless steel mingle with the silvery gloss of polished chrome, nickel chrome, and polished nickel to create modern stylings that are truly dazzling. In addition, we have ball tip hinges to coordinate with our contemporary hardware. Though Cliffside is a “distributor of traditional hardware,” no one can ever say that we don’t keep up with the times!

Got turtles?

5. Novelty hardware

Full of fun and whimsy? Maybe you are the right kind of person to try out our novelty hardware! We have hardware that is appropriate for certain regions of the country, such as maritime hardware for a beach house, or a moose knob for a house in the Upper Midwest or Alaska! We also have knobs and pulls to appeal to the hobbyist, including golf bags, music notes, and cacti.

That’s it for this holiday edition of the Cliffside Industries blog. Be sure to tune in next Tuesday for our next great entry, and visit our website this weekend!

Cabinet manufacturer’s exclusive!

Tired of working with poor-quality stamped steel hinges that bind and squeak?

Why not switch to a high-quality adjustable extruded solid brass hinge? Sure, in the short run, those steel hinges may look like a good buy, but over time, they could end up costing you more money for replacement pieces, and they result in far too many complaints from dealers and customers.


Made by European craftsmen who are masters of precision manufacturing, our high-quality hinges have been made with the cooperation of the biggest and best cabinetmakers in the industry. They have given us their input at every step of the development of these hinges to give you a premium product that is easy to work with. Our hinges are hand-finished to give them that polished perfection on which your customers have learned to depend. For comparable prices to our competitors’ steel hinges, you can get the lasting quality and durability of solid brass. Your days of frustration working with low-quality hinges are over!


Have you considered Cliffside Industries as your source for adjustable solid brass hinges?

Cliffside has been designing and distributing high-quality extruded brass hinges for over 20 years, and we supply many of the industry’s top cabinet manufacturers. To make you a believer, we are offering to send you one sample BH2A or BH2A-NM hinge in your choice of finish. The only cost to you for this sample is the $4.00 freight charge.
Continue reading “Cabinet manufacturer’s exclusive!”