One size, many functions

Cliffside Industries’ 8″cc pulls have been part of our hardware line for 18 months. Several styles are available, including B1-8, B622-8, K344-8, P399-8, and SP-8. Each style is offered in our ten signature finishes. Since their introduction, our 8″cc pulls have been used for a variety of applications.

Small appliances

The B622-8 in Antique Brass
The B622-8 in Antique Brass

For hidden appliances that have wooden panel kits on their faces, the 8″cc pulls are ideal; indeed, this was the intent of their original design. Whether your cabinets conceal a single or double dishwasher or a trash compactor, these pulls provide the added strength needed to overcome a door that seals shut due to pressure.

Tall pantry doors

For oversized doors, sometimes a 3″cc handle or a single knob just will not cut it. Aesthetically pleasing on larger doors, Cliffside’s 8″cc pulls are compatible with a wide range of door sizes. To match Cliffside’s hinges with your larger doors and pulls, consider an armoire-style hinge.

Wide drawers

For customers who prefer a single piece of hardware per cabinet face, large drawers can often pose an issue. Either two knobs are required, or a single pull is too small for the application; it becomes lost in the large drawer face. With an 8″cc pull, the hardware makes a bold statement, fitting the bigger drawer more appropriately.

Beverage coolers

While our 12″cc appliance pulls are specifically designed and recommended for large, Sub-Zero-style refrigerators, the 8″cc pulls are more than sufficient for smaller, under-counter refrigerators used for wine, beer, or your beverages of choice. They make an attractive offset from the rest of the kitchen to draw attention to visitors, showing them that there is something unique afoot.

Remember that…

…all of Cliffside’s 8″cc pulls are part of our hardware suites: there are matching 3″cc and 12″cc versions for each one, as well as knobs, latches, cup pulls, and hinges. If you have any questions about a Cliffside suite, or any of our hardware pieces, please contact us through the blog or in customer service!

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