New Cliffside website tour: part 2 of 2

Our last post continued: the tour of the new Cliffside website!

New informational pages

Cliffside’s Industries new website includes explanatory pages, just like the last version, but we have expanded and enhanced those areas to include the most up-to-date and detailed information we can provide. One completely new page outlines Cliffside’s return policy in great detail, making it easy for customers to understand our return and exchange process.

Another page that received great expansion is our finish guide. Formerly split up over two short pages, our new “Guide to Cliffside Finishes” now offers information on caring for your Cliffside hardware, as well as detailed looks at all of the colors and finishes we offer throughout our line, from our solid brass hardware and hinges to our special-order novelty knobs and pulls.

Pages that you’ll recognize from the old website include the “About Cliffside” page, detailing our company history (newly updated for our 25th anniversary!) and the “Literature Request“, where you can order Cliffside’s “Fine Hardware Collections” catalog or view it online. Our Terms of Sale are readily available for your perusal, as well as current price lists for the entire Cliffside hardware line.

New landing pages

Several areas in the Cliffside website have gotten new landing pages. The look and feel of the product shopping pages are completely different, but perhaps the biggest improvement is in the home page for the hardware suites. Before, the page was a set of thumbnails with text links to finish codes and did not provide much information. The new version offers an explanation of each suite with a full image and text links to the full finish name, making it easy to find the color and collection you are seeking.

New product categorization

Our products are now cross-referenced within categories, making it easy to find related items that you need. You can ask a customer service representative for more details, and they will easily be able to provide you with links to our novelty hardware, ball-tip hinges, crystal knobs and pulls, Southwestern-style handles and knobs, or a wide variety of other styles. Within these categories, you’ll find…

New products

In addition to our bath accessories, new Cliffside products have been added to many categories, including solid brass (our new 5″cc cabinet and drawer pulls), novelty (new products added at launch), crystal (our newest Swarovski crystal knobs and pulls), and contemporary (find these in the “zinc” material category)!

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