New product introduction: SP-5

Cliffside's four SP scroll pulls in Silver Satin
Cliffside's four SP scroll pulls in Silver Satin

The final new 5″cc solid brass cabinet pull to be introduced is the SP-5. With its decorative scroll design, the SP-5, shown at right with the other Scroll Suite pulls in Silver Satin, adds a traditional touch to any cabinet. The most versatile Cliffside collection, the Scroll Suite contains several of our top-ten selling items and can coordinate with any cabinet style, as it is available in 10 distinctive finishes.

Because the scroll pull is now available in four sizes, you have the ability to coordinate the hardware throughout an entire room, an entire floor, or an entire home. The 3″cc SP-3, part of Cliffside’s line for many years, can be used on small cabinet drawers or on custom furniture where an elegant and graceful look is desired. For kitchen cabinets, especially those that are ceiling-height, or wide drawer fronts, the new SP-5 is an ideal fit. For tall pantry doors, small appliances like dishwashers, and pull-0ut freezer drawers, the SP-8 fits your design requirements, while the SP-12 appliance handle is a perfect size for large refrigerators pulls with panel kits.

As we approach the holidays, Cliffside Industries is very thankful for the addition of our new 5″cc pulls in all five styles; they are now in stock and available to ship in all 10 of our signature finishes. For more information, contact our customer service department or visit our website to purchase today!

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