New product introduction: Contemporary and crystal

Cliffside Industries is proud to announce the addition of several new hardware sets to our line. Rather than our hardware suites, which are constructed from solid brass and bronze and stainless steel, these smaller “sets” give customers the opportunity to mix and match on a smaller scale. This line includes several new elegant crystal options, as well as a wide variety of choices in contemporary styles.

New European crystal

Cliffside Industries’ line of special-order crystal now includes several items using elements from Swarovski, the famed Austrian crystal manufacturer. In addition to our wide selection of lead crystal knobs, Cliffside now offers a selection of crystal pulls, shining like sparkling diamonds inset in polished chrome. In all, Cliffside has added 12 new items, including the CX100 series shown below.

Round crystal settings

New stainless steel

Having carried high-quality stainless steel lines for years in the form of the T305, T366, and D85 series pulls, Cliffside has now added four new lines of special-order stainless steel handles. The CX403 and CX404 series are nearly identical; both are an attractive square design with the same thickness maintained throughout the pull. The CX403 is thinner, at approximately 1/2“, while the CX404 offers a thickness of approximately 5/8“. Both are available in a variety of sizes (CX403-192-BNA shown below).


The CX753 and CX754 series are another alternative for those customer seeking a round shape that is not like the T305 and T366 that we already provide. Offering multiple sizes in both styles, the CX753 is a thinner, cylindrical shape, while the CX754 has a flatter, more elliptical bar with round feet. Shown below is the CX754 series in a 128mm (approximately 51/16“) center-to-center:


New contemporary sets

While Cliffside’s focus has always been traditional hardware, we do realize that there is an occasional demand for contemporary products. Therefore, we have added this special-order line to fill that need. With a variety of knobs and pulls in different sizes, Cliffside offers several different styles, all offered as shown on our website. Some series, like the Italian pieces shown below, are available in three finishes (Polished Chrome, Silver Satin, and Weathered Bronze):


Others, like the contemporary collection here, are available only in one or two colors.

Contemporary-bar-setFor information

To get information on any new Cliffside products, you can visit our website at or by clicking any of the product-specific links or pictures above. You can also reach us by phone at (800) 873-9258 between 8 AM and 4:30 PM Eastern, Monday to Friday, or by e-mail at or You can also ask questions or post comments about our new products at our Facebook page or on our Twitter account.

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