New Kitchen Ideas for the New Year

What plans do you have for the new year? Is it time to update your home? If you’re like many homeowners, you’ll start with a bath or kitchen remodel. According to, the most popular discretionary home improvements are these two rooms, followed by outdoor living additions such as decks and patios.

kitchen remodel

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, you’ll want to examine the new kitchen trends for 2018. You should also learn which timeless kitchen trends to incorporate into your new kitchen ideas for the new year. This will help you design a kitchen that offers up-to-date styles you’ll still love years from now.

To create the perfect heart of your home, consider updating with the following kitchen remodel trends for each aspect of the room.


Cabinets are typically the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel. They are also the most noticeable feature in the room. This makes cabinet design and selection an important aspect of any kitchen remodeling project. To ensure your selection is consistent with 2018 kitchen cabinet trends, consider the following popular options:

  • Deep drawers – Homeowners are tired of storing large pots in hard-to-access places. Extra-deep drawers, especially near the oven, offer an ideal solution for storage. They make dishes more accessible and integrate beautifully into the kitchen design. Drawer organizers add further functionality to these deep spaces.
  • Fewer upper cabinets – Modern kitchens are moving toward a more open look. Rather than upper cabinets, kitchens are featuring open shelving. Homeowners can display decorative bowls and platters and hang pots and pans on the walls.
  • Tall cabinets – For homeowners who opt to keep their upper cabinets, the look is changing. The gap between cabinetry and the ceiling is disappearing. This is no longer a place to display items and gather dust. Cabinets are now reaching all the way to the ceiling. This trend provides the impression of a larger room.

tall cabinets

  • Glass doors – This trend is a healthy compromise between current closed cabinetry and the open shelving look that is growing in popularity. Glass-doored cabinets give the impression of open space but keep everything protected inside. Dishes are still on display, but less dusting is required, and things don’t have to be as perfectly arranged.
  • Storage space – Modern kitchens are clutter-free. You’ll find fewer toasters, blenders and coffee makers on display. These items are moving off the countertops and into specialty storage areas. These cabinets, or appliance garages, offer space to tuck away the items when not in use.


Stainless steel has been the classic choice for several years now, and this trend will continue. The neutral color is easily incorporated into any kitchen style and offers an attractive, elegant finish.

So, what’s new in the world of appliances? Under-counter and integrated pieces.

  • Under-counter appliances – Kitchens feature fewer upper cabinets than in the past. With this shift, more appliances are relocating to underneath counters. This makes smaller appliances more accessible. For example, new microwave models include microwave drawers that load from the top. Doesn’t that sound better than straining to place a plate in a unit above the stove?
  • Integrated appliances – New discreet paneling and built-ins offer creative ways to integrate appliances. Rather than stand out, integrated appliances recede into the surrounding cabinetry. This offers a uniform look and emphasizes the beauty of your cabinets. It allows homeowners to avoid detracting from cabinetry with boxy neighboring appliances. Using matching paneling, designers cover appliances and make them part of the cabinetry.


How long have you heard that granite counters are the gold standard in new construction and kitchen remodels? This trend is finally coming to an end. The emergence of quartz is quickly establishing a new standard. It has taken a while to catch on, due to a slow start in the style department. When first introduced decades ago, quartz promised a solid, unstainable surface that never required sealing. However, styles were limited. Today, new manufacturing techniques have taken quartz to a new level. Styles now compete with designs previously only seen with granite countertops.

As shapes, colors and styling improve, more and more homeowners are turning to quartz. The biggest advantage is that quartz, unlike granite, does not have to be sealed and re-sealed on a regular basis. Homeowners can spill everything from orange juice to red wine on their quartz counter and not worry about everlasting stains.


Which hardware is here to stay? Polished silver is a timeless classic. Choose polished chrome or nickel for hardware, faucets and shelf brackets to create upscale accents that stand the test of time.

For the latest trends, try brass. This shiny finish is making a comeback. Rose gold is also gaining popularity. If you’re not ready to make that leap, chrome and satin are still topping the lists of kitchen trends for 2018.

Clean-lined design is another trend for 2018 that homeowners are using hardware to accomplish. A streamlined kitchen, sans heavy moldings and intricate finishes, is what’s in. Think strong horizontal lines that keep things smooth and even. Horizontal cabinet pulls are ideal for achieving this look.

Mixed metals are another growing trend. In the past, this was frowned upon. For 2018, a combination of metal finishes in the kitchen is considered stylish and appealing. This mix creates a more attractive design than repeating the same metal in every aspect of the kitchen. Establish a healthy mix among your appliance pulls, cabinet knobs and handles, faucets and light fixtures.

Brass, stainless steel, copper, wrought iron and nickel are all potential options for your kitchen remodel. Within these metals, various finishes of polished, brushed, antiqued and satin are available. The combination chosen helps set the temperature and style of the room. Choose one to three metals that match the tone you want to set for your kitchen and create a beautiful blend of hardware for your space.


We live in a society immersed in IoT – the internet of things. Nearly every part of our lives and homes is plugged in and networked. This holds true in the kitchen. Homeowners want convenient connections to everything. According to Euromonitor International, 10% of consumers are willing to pay more for appliances with connected functionality. Additionally, 59% of U.S. consumers show interest in using apps or websites to control their homes.

kitchen technology

An example of this trend is phone-controlled appliances. Users can pre-heat the oven remotely or receive notifications from the microwave that dinner is ready.

These smart appliances offer a whole new world of options for kitchen remodels. Smart refrigerators include food management, family connection and entertainment features. Homeowners can create shopping lists, send messages to family members and stream music or TV right on the door of their refrigerator.

New cook spaces are incorporating smart technology, too. Family chefs can browse the internet for recipes and instructional videos while they prepare the meal – all on the same surface.

Lighting and electrical systems are also changing with the times. Modular systems allow customization to integrate USB ports, Bluetooth music systems and mobile charging cradles. These electrical interfaces are becoming as important, if not more so, than the traditional outlets typically found in your backsplash.

Lower-tech options are also popular among kitchen trends for 2018. The overarching theme is convenience and ease of use. Kitchen designers are adding touch faucets, which are activated by touching the spout rather than turning handles. Automated cabinet lights are illuminating spaces with ease. Even simple solutions such as rounded interior microwave corners are making modern kitchens easier to use, care for and clean.

Modern kitchen designers acknowledge this growing reliance on technology and convenience and incorporate appropriate solutions into the space.


As you consider new kitchen ideas for the new year, what colors should you include? The latest trends might surprise you.

White kitchens have been considered classic for years. While they remain a popular trend for 2018, white kitchens are losing some ground to gray. Offering a neutral alternative to white, gray offers the same versatility with a more subdued tone. Naturally neutral, gray also looks good with warm or cool accent colors. This year’s most popular grays offer a purple undertone, providing a warmer hue for the kitchen.

natural colors

Also growing in popularity are blue kitchen cabinets. Navy cabinets offer a classy color choice that works well with just about any style of décor. Dark blue cabinets are often chosen for lower cabinetry and paired with white or light-gray cabinets above. Another popular combination is a navy-colored island with gray perimeter cabinets.

As homeowners integrate color into their cabinets, the trend is to splash a little color everywhere else, too. Faucets, appliances and even the latest sinks are anything but traditional. It’s too soon to tell which colors will prove timeless, but, meanwhile, the trend is to liven up this space with your favorite hues.


Plain subway tiles are out for 2018. In their place are textures, patterns and unique designs. Using tiles, homeowners can create intricate designs that add appeal to wall space without using wallpaper.

As you plan out your kitchen remodel, consider how you can spruce up your wall space with tile designs. This is also another effective way to integrate color schemes.


Have you ever used a small, shallow sink? Apparently, too many homeowners have. The current sink trend is to avoid this experience. Homeowners are seeking big, practical sinks for their kitchen remodels. They emphasize function. Rather than two small sinks, more designers are choosing a single-bowl model that can accommodate large pots and pans. Think tall sides and open space.

While steel is sticking around when it comes to appliances, sinks are moving away from the polished chrome look. Beautiful, hand-carved stone sinks are a hot topic. Expect to see more sinks made of concrete, stone, copper and granite.


Among lighting trends, homeowners can expect to see one comeback and one advancement.

Vintage light fixtures are making a comeback. Look for aged copper pendant lights and other vintage styles to accent the latest kitchen designs.

Advanced technology has made LEDs the lights of the future. No longer chilly and unfriendly, LED lighting is being applied in innovative ways. Designers are using them to brighten countertop workspace, illuminate toe-kicks and enhance islands. In addition to their versatility, LED lighting options offer advantages in energy efficiency and longevity.

kitchen lighting

An additional lighting trend for 2018 is a move away from track and recessed lighting to more unique pieces. The rectangular florescent light fixture in the center of the kitchen may no longer be the norm. Attractive pendant lighting is found dangling over islands. Lantern-shaped lighting is another popular option. Industrial styles are also trending. These lights bring style as well as illumination to the space.


Open layouts will continue their trend in 2018. They seem to be here to stay. Homeowners desire informal dining and interconnected eating, living and entertaining spaces. The result is an increasing popularity of open kitchen layouts. Kitchens have fewer walls between this room and the next. It’s no longer an isolated place for cooking. It is the hub of the home and must be easily accessed and open to other areas.

The kitchen island also remains popular. It adds to the available workspace and storage space for the room. It also aids in making the space multi-use, which trends with the blend of living spaces. An island with stools might be the place where homework happens, vegetables are chopped and guests gather for appetizers.


When you picture a modern kitchen, you probably imagine ceramic tile or hardwood floors. These trends will continue into the new year — however, look to hardwood as the top choice. This option adapts well to any style and works well with the popular open floor plan to join the kitchen flooring with other rooms.

hardwoord flooring

Because hardwood isn’t the easiest material to maintain, homeowners are looking to solutions that provide the same warm and inviting style without the upkeep. Porcelain planks that look like wood provide one such option.


This is one area most homeowners overlook when considering new kitchen ideas for the new year. If you’re heading into a kitchen remodel in 2018, be sure to tap the full potential of your ceiling. Moldings that match the shape of the island can tie the space together and define different areas of the kitchen. Shallow coffers are a great option for small spaces. Open beams stained or painted to match the décor of the room can also draw the eye up for a grand impression.

Why Stop With the Kitchen?

As you consider new kitchen ideas for the new year, why stop there? Are there other areas of your home that could use a little updating? Perhaps a fresh coat of paint could give your bedroom an updated color scheme. Maybe some new throw pillows could liven up the living room. From a few simple decorative items to brand new home additions, you can spend as little or as much as you want to update your home for 2018.

Whether you want to start small or go big, consider these trends for 2018 that go beyond kitchen remodels.

  • Natural look – To incorporate popular trends throughout the home, think natural. To balance out a digital lifestyle, designers are incorporating natural décor into their surroundings. Integrate natural hardwood, brick, exposed beams, metals and other natural materials. This offers a strong and natural feel.

natural look

  • Floral prints – These have never gone completely out of style, but floral designs for 2018 will include contrasting colors. Incorporate floral prints in the bedroom for a fashionable look.
  • Bars – The home bar is often featured in the den or rec room. Its popularity will continue to grow in the coming year. A custom-built bar is a great way to entertain and make guests feel at home. As a bonus, it also frees up room in your kitchen.
  • Trough sinks – In the bathroom or laundry room, expect to see more trough or bucket sinks. Offering a deeper and wider space for kids and utility use, these sinks are growing in popularity.
  • Millwork – Are you redecorating a bedroom? Consider etching a design into a wooden wall. Previously popular for bathrooms and kitchens, this design trend is moving into the bedroom in 2018.
  • Minimalist – Another trend for the bedroom is to create a space that is truly made for relaxation and rest. Use soothing colors and minimalist designs to develop a sleep-worthy room.
  • Outdoor furniture – Will you be adding a patio or sprucing up your deck in 2018? Brown and black color schemes continue to be popular for outdoor furniture. These pair well with a variety of cushion colors. However, expect to see more bronze and white frames next summer as more people strive to bring a light, relaxed coastal or country feel to their outdoor oases.
  • Geometric patterns – These shapes and styles are at the forefront of home design for 2018. You’ll see them in wallpaper, area rugs and throw pillows. Incorporate geometric shapes through accessories to keep up with this latest trend.

geometric kitchen

  • Farmhouse style – This works well with the open floor plans and natural trends that will be popular in 2018. Consider stopping in at local flea markets to find unique and rustic elements to complete your farmhouse style.
  • Metallic décor – Silver, gold and bronze will be popular metallic accents throughout the home. Commonly found as finishes for appliances and fixtures, they can also be incorporated in metallic prints in furniture, backsplashes and other home accessories.
  • Concrete – It’s not just a building material. It’s now a decorative item. Expect to see more concrete countertops, planters and other items that use concrete to adapt to any room.

What’s Out?

We’ve discussed a few timeless kitchen trends and a few items that are new to the design scene. But, what about old ideas? Does your home include anything that is on its way out? To keep your home up to date, consider removing these home décor options that are declining in popularity:

  • Upholstered headboards – These metal or wood pieces attach to the bed frame and offer a cushioned backrest while sitting up in bed. It’s a nice idea, but they no longer match the look of modern bedrooms.
  • Terracotta – This unglazed, brownish-red earthenware is used in décor and as a building material. Other natural materials are replacing this look.
  • Pastel pink – Warm, bright colors are in. This does not include pastel pink. If your home features this color, consider switching over to bright yellows, reds or oranges to keep up with 2018 trends.
  • Mason jars – Homeowners have used these in a variety of ways to decorate throughout the home. While the rustic farmhouse look will remain trendy, these jars are not as popular as they once were.
  • Plaid patterns – It may be forever in style in Scotland, but plaid is on its way out in the U.S.

Stay Stylish With Trend-Setting Products

To remain current with kitchen trends for 2018, it is essential to incorporate products from trend-setting manufacturers. The right finishing details from the right product lines will ensure the home offers an up-to-date, attractive design.

cliffside kitchen

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