Matching Your Cabinet Hardware to Your House’s Era

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is a place of nourishment for the mind, body and soul. A space for friends and families to gather together to break bread, share stories and fill their hearts with memories. From the first rays of daylight to the quiet hours of midnight, the kitchen is the stage upon which many of life’s treasured moments happen.

Surely, a room of such significance deserves elegant décor that highlights its importance in the home.

The kitchen sets the tone for your entire house. From the flooring and countertops to the backsplash and appliances, you take great pride in creating a beautiful kitchen design that tastefully matches the style of your house’s era. Your attention to the finer details of fixtures and furniture create a cohesive aesthetic that ties the room together. But did you know that specific ornamentations like cabinetry hardware don’t need to be exclusive to the kitchen?

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In fact, matching the right cabinet hardware with your house’s era can make a dynamic impact on your home’s overall appearance. Here’s how.

Make a Statement With Cabinet Hardware

Changing cabinet hardware in your kitchen, bathroom or other furnished areas can create an entirely new look. Hinges, knobs, latches, pulls and handles may be some of the smallest accents in the room, yet they make a huge impression when matched to your house’s aesthetic era.

Just think of it. A simple swap of an old, tarnished handle to a new, shiny knob can instantly enhance the appearance of a room. Updating your cabinet hardware is a fast and affordable way to blend fashion and functionality without having to invest significant time or money in the project.

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Whether you’re a new homeowner hoping to put your own touch on your house, or if you’re looking for suggestions on how to make the most of a home renovation, Cliffside Industries is here to guide you through the process of choosing the right cabinet hardware to accentuate your home’s natural era.

Customers from all design backgrounds have trusted Cliffside Industries to help them pick out period-correct hardware that matches their needs and budget. We set the standard for quality cabinet hardware and are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

What To Know About Cabinet Hardware

Many people don’t realize what an abundance of cabinet hardware options there are in today’s market. Many believe they’re stuck with the hardware they currently have, while others mistakenly think they have to perfectly match the style of their cabinet door or kitchen design with no room for variance.

Cliffside Industries wants to disprove these common myths about cabinet hardware and set your creativity free. Before you start your journey to discover the best cabinet hardware options for your period home, we want to share a few facts that may help you through the process.

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  • Kitchen cabinet hardware isn’t just for the kitchen. Cabinet hardware can be used in any room of the house. Not only can it coordinate with a variety of colors and patterns, but these slight enhancements can also establish a particular tone or style that underscore your home.
  • Cabinet hardware actually matters. You shouldn’t have to choose between design or durability. The fact is you need cabinet hardware that’s easy to operate and appealing to look at. It’s important to know the difference between the types of materials each is made of and how those surfaces take cleaning. A broken handle or a grimy hinge will become an eyesore that could also prevent your cabinet from functioning properly. There are many attractive cabinet hardware pieces made from strong materials that will endure.
  • There are cabinet hardware options suited for any taste or style. Just because you have a contemporary kitchen doesn’t mean you’re limited to contemporary hardware. You also don’t have to outfit every cabinet door with the same handle, knob or pull. As long as you tastefully coordinate your cabinet hardware to the style of your room or home, you can enjoy a wide range of options. For instance, you can use matching handles on lower cabinets and complementary knobs on higher-set cabinet doors. You also have the availability to create a modern yet classic look by mixing traditional styles with contemporary elements.
  • The brand of cabinet hardware can make a world of difference. Some homeowners may incorrectly assume that only home improvement stores or large commercial chains carry the highest-quality cabinetry hardware. Unfortunately, this may convince a homeowner that their options are limited — or worse, they end up paying a high price for low-quality products. You shouldn’t settle for anything but the best hardware for your home. Cliffside Industries offers an unbeatable selection that caters to any style and budget.

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Now that you realize how vast your cabinet hardware options are, it’s time to discover how certain materials and finishes can bring the most out of your room. We’ll review some of the more popular home design styles and identify which types of cabinetry hardware will coordinate best with the period of your home.

Matching House Era Styles With Cabinet Hardware

Our country is lined from coast to coast with a variety of home designs influenced by the same diversity that enriches our history and culture. From the warm Cape Cod houses of New England and the Spanish Colonial homes of Florida to the simple California bungalows and foursquares of Portland, there are dozens of home styles reflecting decades of artistic and architectural trends that have developed throughout American history.

Knowing the characteristics that make each house style unique means you can develop a better understanding of what kind of cabinet hardware blends with each era’s aesthetic.

The Colonial Period: 1600s—1900s

While the era itself is historically rooted in the early 1700s, the origins of these popular 18th-century houses can be found as early as the 1600s and have been reinvented during revivals throughout the following centuries.

Colonial-style houses are generally a rectangular facade featuring a steep, pointed roof and paired windows on either side of a centrally located front door. Symmetrical designs, large chimneys and small windows are hallmarks of this Colonial building stylethat saw its first revival period as early as the 1800s. Today, many houses feature Colonial-era influence, like some of these favorites:

  • French-Colonial houses focus on maintaining comfortable interior temperatures through the use of wide-hipped roofs and French doors. The second story was often used as the living quarters with large wrap-around porches acting as hallways and access to the exterior staircase.
  • Spanish Colonial homes are identified by flat or low-pitched roofs with clay, thatch or earthy coverings. Their wood or iron bars typically run across windows and their thick walls are made with rocks, coquina or adobe brick layered with stucco.
  • Dutch Colonial houses have distinguishable steep gambrel roofs, gable-end chimneys and shared, hipped or gable dormers. Because of their unique shape compared to other Colonial-era houses, these homes are commonly referred to as “barn houses.”
  • Cape Cod homes are some of the most recognizable in the country. These humble single-story frame houses have low eaves, a large centrally located chimney and white clapboard or single walls.
  • Federal-Stylehomes were Georgian-styled designs mixed with Neoclassical architecture. These homes have curved lines, decorative flourishes and can be instantly identified by their Palladian windows.

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Best Cabinet Hardware for Colonial Revival Homes: Brass and Iron

Brass and iron were two commonly used metals forged in the Colonial era. For a truly antique look, we suggest the Brass Accents line.

This manufacturer specializes in cast brass and hot-forged decorative brass hardware. Their artisans create classic Colonial revival pieces that are built to endure time and trend. Outfit your home with Brass Accent’s cabinet handles in either rubbed bronze or antique brass hand-rubbed finishes.

By the mid-18th century, iron was actually the third-largest export from the American colonies. If you want the durability of brass but the look of iron, we invite you to browse our rustic iron finishes. All four of our iron-finished hardware suites are made from durable solid brass in color tones contrasting between gray and black.

The Late Victorian Period: 1850—1910

Representing the late half of the 19th century, this period was a time of growth and change in America. With the advance of building technology and the expansion of the railroad system, more complex and decorative structures were built across the country.

These Victorian-era homes drew inspiration from historical styles, embracing elements from the medieval, Italianate, Greek and Gothic-revival designs. A few signature characteristics of Victorian-era houses include an asymmetrical design with a narrow and tall shape, bay windows, decorative trim, towers and turrets.

There are many variations of Victorian-era houses including:

  • Romanesque-revival style identified by a heavy masonry appearance with decorative plaques, polychromatic stonework and round arches at entrance windows.
  • Second Empire/Mansard style characterized by quoins, balustrades and a pattern shingle mansard roof.
  • High-Victorian Gothic style, commonly used in larger buildings, features steeply gabled roofs, pointed window and doorway arches and corbelled brickwork.
  • Chateauesque style features a French chateau-like appearance with multiple dormers, tall chimneys with decorative caps and round towers with conical roofs.
  • Stick style homes are distinctive for their bands of wood trim applied to the exterior wall surfaces and also feature overhanging eaves with exposed rafters and wood-exterior walls with clapboards.
  • Queen-Anne style is easily identified by its abundance of decorative detail, an expansive porch, projecting bay windows and was one of the most popular styles of houses from 1880—1900.
  • Shingle style is unique with shingles on the roof and the walls, sweeping multi-gabled roofs and small multi-paned windows.

late victorian hardware

Best Cabinet Hardware for Late Victorian Homes: Brass, Bronze, Pewter or Iron

The attention to detail is what makes Victorian homes truly special. Complement the decorative elements on the exterior of the house with ornate cabinet hardware throughout the interior.

Brass is especially associated with the Victorian era, though you can also capture a vintage look by using an antique brass or iron finish. Cliffside Industries carries a fine selection of Victorian-style cabinet knobs and pulls that feature jewel inlay and meticulous designs.

In fact, The Notting Hill collection isideal for a Victorian home. Choose from many intricately crafted decorative cabinethardware combining function with refinement and elegance. Their line of luxurious Victorian handlesis trulyremarkable, displayingunparalleled detail in each handcrafted motif. Allow us to provide you with Notting Hill hardware that will bring timeless charm into your home.

Arts and Crafts Movement: 1880s—1900s

England in the mid-1800s saw rise to houses created to emphasize craftsmanship, creative expression and local natural materials in rebellion against mass-produced goods. Known as the craftsman style once it reached the United States in the late 1800s, homemakers instead embraced the potential of machine-made house kits that could be conveniently shipped directly to them.

  • Foursquare homes are economical two-story boxy shaped houses with wide porches, large windows and steep, pyramidal roofs.
  • Bungalows emphasize artistic naturalism with a low and spreading floor plan following an informal aesthetic. The open floor plan maximizes efficiency and flow, with access to outdoor areas that serve as additional living space.
  • Prairie-style houses were two-story dwellings with low-pitched roofs, massive square porch supports and detailing that emphasizes horizontal lines.

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Best Cabinet Hardware for Arts and Crafts Houses: Brass and Zinc

OurArtisan Suite was made for Craftsman houses. This versatile collection can be a sleek addition to country kitchens, modern marvels or anything in between. The decorative faux screws and sleek curved shapes of these brass and zinc hardware pieces blend well with Craftsman’s popular commercial appearance.

We have ten finishes, ranging from old copper to polished nickel that can stretch the entire spectrum between vintage and contemporary. Our easy-to-install artisan hardware is available in diverse models, shapes and sizes perfect for any room.

Art Deco Period: 1925—1940

The art deco period had an impact on everything from architecture and furniture to fashion and art. The period represented modernism turned into fashion and was intended to create a sleek and nontraditional design expressing wealth and sophistication.

Some of the most recognized building in the United States, including the Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center, used Art Deco patterns and styles. Its structure is founded on mathematical geometric shapes like triangles, zigzags and trapezoids and included chevron patterns, sweeping curves and sunburst motifs. A number of materials were used in the style’s home designs, including aluminum, inlaid wood, stainless steel, ivory and molded glass.

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Best Cabinet Hardware for Art Deco Homes: Stainless Steel

Highlight the silvers in your home’s appearance by adding cabinet hardware from our Stainless Steel collection. Cliffside’s line of brushed natural stainless hardware offers one of the most extensive varieties in our entire inventory. Coordinate cabinet pulls and hinges with other high-quality stainless steel accessories around your home. The crisp and clean look of stainless steel adds a touch of sophistication to any room. If you’re looking for a wise long-term investment that will retain its appearance and durability for years, look no further than our Stainless Steel Suite.

Mid-Century Modern Period: 1930s—1970s

Mid-century modern homes offer a simple and clean look typically as either ranch-style or split-level homes. Both styles feature low-pitched hip roofs which rest above recessed entrances. Key elements of a mid-century home include flat planes, large windows, changes in elevation and an integration with nature.

Mid-century modern is more than a style. It’s a term used to describe all of the architecture, furniture, materials, trends and technologies that grew in popularity after World War II. Though the definition of mid-century modern can be broad and sometimes difficult to narrow down to a single style, here are two common home designs associated with this period:

  • International-style homes had an asymmetrical, rectilinear shape, open interior spaces and were deliberately stripped of ornamentation and decoration around the doors or windows.
  • Ranch houses are horizontal, one-story homes with flat or low-pitched roofs that have simple exteriors to emphasize outdoor living.

mid-century hardware

Best Cabinet Hardware for Mid-Century Modern homes: Bronze

Cliffside Industries is proud to carry Emtek cabinet hardware for your Mid-Century period home. Emtek is known for their exceptional quality bronze hardware. The simple and clean look of their knobs and handles will help you achieve uniformity throughout your home.

Another benefit of Emteck products is they require little maintenance. A little warm water on a regular basis will ensure your bronze pieces retain their beauty for years.

Late 20th-Century and Contemporary Homes

While many Americans are still in love with Colonial, Victorian, Cape Cod and other charming styles of the past, there remain plenty of house styles from the late 20th century that continues to be popular. From contemporary designs that embrace a minimalist appearance to the “anything goes” nature of Postmodern houses, home designs from the second half of the 20th century to the 2000s come in many sizes and shapes.

  • Neo-colonial homes are the second wave in Colonial Revival design beginning in the late 1940s. Colonial Revival homes are the most popular architectural style in the United States. These modern-day homes borrow elements from Colonial and Federal designs.
  • Neo-Mediterranean homes reflect a composite of cultural influences from the Mediterranean region. Red-roof tiles, arches above doors or windows and heavy carved wooden doors resemble Spanish Colonial or Revival styles.
  • Neo-eclectic homes, also known as mixed-modern houses, imitate several historical and traditional styles using modern materials. Though their large size and often luxurious features draw some criticism, they are still a popular suburban home choice today.

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Best Cabinet Hardware for late 20th-Century and Contemporary Homes: Nearly Anything

Depending on your individual house design, there are plenty of classic, transitional and contemporary pieces that will fit seamlessly into your modern home.

Cliffside Industries has ten cabinet hardware suites available in a wide variety of finishes. Be inspired by the gentle curves of the Alba Suite. Ring in modern elegance with the transitional flair of the Campana Suite. Let your bathroom sail with the eye-catching Oceano Suite or let the Moderno Suite take charge of your kitchen’s style with its large, smooth shapes. No matter which period influenced your modern home, Cliffside has the cabinet hardware to match.

Give Your Cabinets Character With Cliffside

Cliffside Industries is a family owned and operated business with one of the most reliable and trustworthy names in the industry. For over thirty years, we’ve dedicated our time and energy to supplying homeowners with the top quality hardware they need to create their dream home.

We are wholly committed to our customers, offering each of them personal, one-on-one service to ensure they find exactly what they’re looking for. We stand firmly behind our products, our brands and our team. The best cabinet hardware products are only a click away. If you’re ready to transform your home using the best cabinet hardware in the industry, the friendly staff at Cliffside Industries is ready to take your call.

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