Losing our marbles

PM5 stock marble knob in Green
PM5 stock marble knob in Green

In addition to solid surface countertops like granite and quartz, natural marble is making a strong return to the forefront in today’s design world. John Fillippelli, of Kitchen and Bath Design News, notes that marble “is particularly popular right now” (November 2010, p.45). Cliffside Industries has recently expanded its line of marble offerings to better serve your needs, and those of your clients, when selecting hardware to coordinate an entire kitchen or bath.

Marble colors

Cliffside is pleased to offer five unique marble colors to suit many tastes and styles. Black and white are two classic marble colors that Cliffside has offered for years. Our white marble is attractively streaked with gray and black, and the opposite is true of the black specimens. Cliffside also offers our brown marble in stock hardware, which coordinates well with our special-order marble in red. Green is an earth-tone making a splash in the current market, and the classic tones of beige are a new addition to the Cliffside stock line.

Stock offerings

PM3 in beige, a Cliffside stock item
PM3 in beige, a Cliffside stock item

Cliffside keeps two styles of marble knobs in stock at our warehouse, which are very popular among our customers. The first, the PM3, has a gently rounded face, which lends a pleasingly smooth aesthetic to its design. Its counterpart, the PM5, has a flat face, allowing the marble to shimmer like the face of a polished countertop. Each of these knobs are now in stock in five colors.

Special-order products

Special order marble: P-3 in white

In the 2010 Fine Hardware Collections catalog, we feature a special-order marble knob (the RB-1) and a 3″cc pull (the P-3). This is, however, by no means the full extent of Cliffside’s marble hardware line. You can examine our website to find other knobs as well, like the RB-1’s larger counterpart (item #RB-2), a flatter round knob (RN-1), and even a square knob (the S-3). All of these special-order items come from the same supplier. They are also available immediately and can arrive at your door in 7 to 10 business days.

To view our marble selections in full…

… you can check out the Fine Hardware Collections catalog or visit our website. Happy hunting!

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