Learning about latches

If you are looking to install cupboard latches on your cabinetry, whether you’re designing a new kitchen or remodeling the old, there are a few tips that you should know. Check out the video below for some handy hints about cabinet latches.

Some basic tips:

  • There are two types of latches: a turn latch and a lever or thumb latch.
  • Latches can be used on inset cabinets, whether they have a stile or not, and certain kinds of frameless cabinet doors. They can’t be used on offset cabinets.
  • Installing latches is easy, as long as you line them up carefully and have the right kind of cabinetry to accommodate them.
  • If using the latches on frameless cabinetry, or on inset doors without a stile, you need a magnetic catch to secure the doors in addition to the latch.

For more information, check out Cliffside’s selection of latches. Each style is available in two materials and up to ten finishes.

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