Types of Knobs and Finishes That Work Well With White


White is a great color for many rooms in your home, especially your kitchen. A white kitchen brings to mind an atmosphere of cleanliness and freshness, which is just what you want in the place where you prepare and sometimes eat your meals. However, some people may be concerned that a white kitchen is too plain and that it doesn’t have enough life to it. A great way to solve that problem is to spruce up your white kitchen with colorful knobs and hardware.

Coordinating Your Hardware With White

You might think a white kitchen demands white knobs and handles. Nothing could be further from the truth. The right contrasting color is the perfect accent to bring out the whiteness of your décor. Some examples include:

  • Simple Black Knobs: Black and white are a classic combination that has lasted throughout the years. Combining some basic black knobs with your white cabinetry can create a simple, minimalistic look many people love.
  • Polished Brass Square Knobs: Brass looks great with just about everything, and the right polished brass can enhance that clean, fresh look of your white kitchen. The square shape adds just the right distinctive element, although round brass knobs will look great as well.
  • Polished Nickel Handles and Hinges: Adding some polished nickel hardware to your white kitchen, such as polished nickel refrigerator handles or cabinet hinges, is another way to continue and enhance your theme of cleanliness and freshness, complementing the white cabinets and other décor without overwhelming it.

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