Introducing Hardware International

Cliffside Industries is proud to announce that we’ve added Hardware International as a new partnered brand! Since Cliffside is known for providing top-quality products, we carefully examine new suppliers to make sure that they provide the same quality of products, top-notch service, and all of the other needs that our customers expect from us.

Who is Hardware International?

Distributed by Coastal Bronze, the Hardware International brand is shipped from California and is a new, unique expansion of our bronze hardware offering. To explain a bit further, bronze hardware is alloyed from copper, tin, and other metals and is usually cast, which means liquid metal is poured into a mould or die. Hardware International’s one-of-a-kind collection of designs are finished by hand to ensure the highest quality.

Hardware International has several groups of products, similar to Cliffside’s suites: the Deco, Mission, Natural, and Renaissance families, which are all single-tone (one color); and the Edge, Angle, and Curve collections, which are available as two-tone with your choice of combinations in three colors. They offer their Espresso finish, a darkened bronze; Champagne finish, which is a lighter golden bronze; and Platinum, which is a lighter silvery finish.

Here are some examples of the beautifully unique products that Hardware International has added to Cliffside’s ever-expanding range of partners!


Check out the complete offering on our site to shop the Hardware International brand today! And as always…

Thanks, partners!

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