Holiday special: ABCs of Cliffside Industries

The holiday season is a time for childlike wonder and joy, so without further ado, a blast from your past, the ABCs of Cliffside Industries, just in time for the holidays!

A is for Appliance Pull

Cliffside offers a full range of appliance pulls to suit any need, from T-shaped stainless bar pulls (T305 and D85) to 12″cc solid brass appliance handles that are the pride of our line. More styles, including a completely new pull, and 8″cc pulls to match our most popular styles, are coming early next year, and readers of this blog will get the scoop first, so keep reading, loyal viewers!

K4235-SS bin pull
K4235-SS bin pull

B is for Bin Pull

We had a couple of options to pick through for B, but we chose to feature our popular cabinet bin pulls. Also known as cup pulls, these are a popular way to add a decorative accent to the face of any drawer. Some of our most popular cup pulls include the K341, K4235, and P-398, and we will be adding a cup pull to complement our rope-series pulls early next year.

C is for Customer Service

As our slogan says, Cliffside is respected throughout the kitchen and bath industry for our fast and courteous customer service representatives. We are available to assist you between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Eastern time, and will strive to answer any hardware questions you may have, from hinges to knobs, from pulls to latches. You can also contact us any time via e-mail.

K-515 die cast knob
K-515 die cast knob

D is for Die Cast

Cliffside offers a wide selection of zinc die cast hardware, and we are offering special pricing on some of our die cast items on our inventory clearance special. This hardware is attractive and economical, as well as offering a variety of both traditional and contemporary styles.

E is for Elegance

Elegance is just one of the qualities that Cliffside hardware claims. Just look at the classic styling of our popular solid brass hardware lines, or the handmade craftsmanship of our iron “birdcage”-style hardware. Cliffside Industries is your destination for that artistic touch on your cabinets.

105 series "football"-shaped knob
105 series "football"-styled knob

F is for Football

Some of you may wonder what the gridiron has to do with Cliffside, but take a close look at the 105 series knobs. Does that remind you of the shape of that peerless pigskin so prevalent around the holiday season? We offer several other oblong-shaped knobs, including the B711 series. We will be introducing the new B721 series oblong knob in early 2009 as well, a larger version to replace the B711 in the rope series.

G is for “Green”

In an attempt to be more environmentally conscious, Cliffside has undertaken some measures to “get green.” Every Cliffside catalog that is printed contains fiber from well-managed and responsibly harvested forests that meet strict environmental standards. We are proud to be among the first catalogers in the country to make this commitment, and are certified as such by the Forest Stewardship Council. In addition, Cliffside uses a paperless billing system that cuts down on waste, and reuses paper in house to reduce our usage even further.

⅜ standard offset hinge
⅜" standard offset hinge

H is for Hinges

Cliffside offers a full line of hinges in a variety of finishes. Four styles of inset hinges are available; the BH2A and BH3NA are both adjustable mortise hinges, while the BH2A and AHI hinges are non-mortising. The two offset hinges are the lengthy offset armoire hinge (AHO) and a standard ⅜” offset hinge. All of our hinges are available in our most popular finishes from antique brass to black, old antique to silver satin. If you have any questions that are hinge-specific, you can e-mail and we can get you in contact with the hinge department.

I is for Ice Box Latch

Added to the Cliffside line in early 2008, the Ice Box Cupboard Latch has seen a spike in popularity in the recent months. Customers are looking for new and unique ways to close their cabinets, and Cliffside has the most affordable prices in the industry on this particular, hard-to-find style of latch. Available in seven finishes and with three more coming in ’09, these solid brass latches are available to match any decor!

100-PB knob, the foundation of Cliffside's hardware line
100-PB knob, the foundation of Cliffside's hardware line

K is for Knobs

Cliffside’s line of knobs is varied and numerous, and out of our top-ten selling items, five of them are knobs. The 105 was featured above, but this line also includes the top-selling 100 series, the 161 series and the 158 series, among many others. We offer knob choices to fit any kitchen or bath style; we also offer stainless steel knobs to match our bars pulls, novelty knobs for themed hardware, and crystal knobs for that elegant touch (see above).

L is for Latches

Though we just spoke above about the Ice Box latch, we would be remiss not to mention our popular turn-style cupboard latch (SBCL). Built tough with a solid brass construction and beautifully finished, this latch has been popular in the kitchen and bath industry for years in a variety of styles. Cliffside’s design is simple, but we pride ourselves in offering a quality product and excellent service to back it up.

MC-640 in white (2) with #10 strength magnet
MC-640 in white (2) with #10 strength magnet

M is for Magnet catches

From latches to catches, Cliffside offers a variety of methods for keeping your cabinets closed. The MC-640 magnetic catches are available in three colors (brown, white, and tan) and two different magnet strengths (approximately 6 and 10 pounds). We also offer MC-400 in tan and MC-781 in brown for a slightly wider magnet and different style of catch. These magnets will keep your cabinets secure for years to come.

N is for Nickel

Some of Cliffside’s newest and most popular hardware is finished in Polished Nickel. We offer a variety of knobs, pulls, and hinges in this shiny new finish, with many more coming with the addition of new products in 2009, including new appliance pulls and new ball-tip hinges! This writer has seen some of the new products in person, and believe me, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to pick up some of these new items before they start flying off of the shelves in our warehouse.


O is for Old Antique

The most popular finish among customers using Cliffside’s hinges, we are preparing to roll out several new products featuring the Old Antique finish in just a few months. Similar to the industry standard “oil-rubbed bronze,” Cliffside’s Old Antique finish is a rich chocolate brown color, and can be effectively used in a variety of cabinet styles and kitchen decors. If you haven’t seen this popular finish yet, consider ordering a sample of one of our hinges to see it.

P is for Pulls

In addition to the appliance pulls and bin pulls mentioned at the top of our ABCs, Cliffside has a variety of pulls to satisfy any taste. Offering a variety of drop pulls and standard handles, our catalog is full of different selections in a variety of popular finishes. Some of the most popular include B1-3 and B1-12, SP-3 and SP-12, and the T305 and T366 stainless steel bar pulls. In addition, Cliffside will also be adding a new line of 8″cc pulls to complement our four most popular 3″cc and 12″cc styles. Look for more information coming soon!

Cliffside Industries means quality.
Cliffside Industries means quality.

Q is for Quality Hardware

Since 1987, the Cliffside Industries name has been synonymous with high-quality, solid brass cabinet hardware. From one knob to a warehouse full of products, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with top-of-the-line hinges, knobs, and pulls.

R is for Rope

One of the most popular designs of Cliffside’s hardware, we are significantly expanding the line of “rope”-style hardware to include a cup pull and 8″cc pulls featuring that design. The B711 knob is being enlarged into the B721 to better show the rope shape, and this decorative style matches very well with Cliffside’s finial hinges.

Solid brass, the epitome of our hardware line
Solid brass, the epitome of our hardware line

S is for Solid Brass

Solid brass hardware makes up the bulk of the Cliffside hardware line, including all of our 2009 additions to the signature hardware line. Some of our most popular solid brass products include our hinges, the 100, 158, 161, and 105 series knobs, the K4235 cup pulls, and an entire line of 3″cc, 8″cc, and 12″cc pulls, which will include new finishes and new items in the months to come.

T is for Traditional

The majority of the hardware in the Cliffside line works well in traditionally-styled kitchens, as we offer classic designs like the scroll pull and the rope design. Smooth and elegant designs like the B1 pulls, the 100 knob, and the K341 cup pulls look great anywhere in your kitchen or bathroom, while the P-399 series lends a designer’s touch to the face of any cabinet.

All packages handled by United Parcel Service
All packages handled by United Parcel Service

U is for UPS

Cliffside uses UPS for all of our shipping, and we pride ourselves on fast, trackable, and efficient shipping. From the time an order is received at our warehouse, it is out the door within 24 hours and on its way to your shop, your showroom, or your customer. Our shipping hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, closed major holidays. Air orders must be received by 3:00 for guaranteed same-day shipping.

V is for Venetian Bronze

The newest finish to be added to the Cliffside line, Venetian Bronze is a mix of bright copper overlaid with a thin layer of dark brown. Some copper coloring is left exposed to produce a pleasing two-tone effect that looks great on any cabinet. This finish looks best on high-detail pieces, such as K-580, K344, or P-398. Look for more information about this finish coming soon!

The first public look at the "X knob", K-579-AB
The first public look at the new "X knob", K-579-AB

X is for the “X” knob

Known to our hardware designers as the “X knob” for its distinctive criss-cross pattern, this new knob is actually called K-579 (shown as K-579-AB). The X pattern was developed to match the pattern displayed on P-399 and P-398 and is an integral part of Cliffside’s new hardware suites (watch for more coming soon on this topic). This new knob was developed especially for Cliffside as a colloboration between our designers and our supplier; this is truly an original item. Look for more information soon on this and other exciting new products!

Z is for Zaleskie

Cliffside Industries has been owned and operated by the Zaleskie family since 1987. Having been previously involved in the kitchen and bath industry for over 14 years, founder Walter Zaleskie had the dream to start his own company. Walter ran his office out of the basement of his home and rented warehouse space from any company that had space to spare. He traveled to the Far East and Europe in search of quality hardware at competitive prices. His first hardware board was both limited and modest, but he took it with him everywhere he went as he drove up and down the East Coast and across the Midwest, visiting cabinetmakers and dealers far and wide. Today, Walter, his wife, his daughter, and his son-in-law are still at the helm, defining Cliffside as a family business and the true meaning of an American dream.

For those of you wondering what happened to our missing letters…

The Cliffside Industries family extends warm wishes for a Joyous holiday season and a Wondrous New Year to You and Yours!

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