Hinging on your success: part 4

Continuing with our feature on the non-mortise hinges in the Cliffside line, we now turn our attention to the newest Cliffside hinge, a larger non-mortise selection which bridges the gap between BH2A-NM and AHI: the BH3A-NM hinges.


At left, a 2-inch non-mortise hinge; at right, a 2.5-inch non-mortise hinge, the subject of this blogQuick facts

  • Outer leaf length: 21/2
  • Inner leaf length: 11/4
  • Overall length: 37/16
  • Barrel diameter: 6mm


Added to Cliffside’s hinge line due to customer demand, the BH3A-NM is the newest hinge to grace Cliffside’s shelves. With the same attractive finial tip as the standard BH2A-NM, the BH3A-NM is a longer and more graceful version of the same hinge. With a larger amount of material, the BH3A-NM is more durable, designed to hold taller doors where higher strength capacity is a must-have. Of course, the extruded construction common to all Cliffside hinges is also a factor here, as is the painstaking attention of our European hinge craftsmen.

With 11 signature finishes, the BH3A-NM offers a wide selection already, even as a new item. These finishes are designed to coordinate with Cliffside’s solid brass hardware suites, allowing for a unified look throughout any kitchen or bath. The BH3A-NM is an important addition to Cliffside’s non-mortise line because it fills in the space between the non-mortise BH2A-NM and the non-mortise AHI, creating a progression of sizes for inset cabinets that gives a wide range of choice. Simply put, the BH3A-NM is versatile to use and superior in quality.

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