Getting into shape(s)

When the staff at Cliffside Industries decided to re-shape our hardware line for 2010 to include the Artisan Suite and several other new products, customers began to request various new sorts of knobs. So, in response to customer demand, here are some of the products in our expanded “shapes” line, all part of the Classic Suite.

147: The Octagon

The octagonal 147 in Venetian Bronze
The octagonal 147 in Venetian Bronze

For several years, Cliffside Industries has carried the 147 series knob in two finishes (Polished Brass and Silver Satin) after it was originally introduced in five colors more than ten years ago. Now, we are proud to include this classic product in our hardware suites, now available in our 10 signature finishes. Cliffside has resurrected the 147-AB and 147-PC, and the six completely new available finishes include Black, Iron, Old Antique, Old Copper, Polished Nickel and Venetian Bronze. This octagonal knob is a favorite of some of our largest dealers, and we hope it will be a favorite for you too!

148: The Square

The square 148-IR
The square 148-IR

In a touch of irony, Cliffside’s goal to keep our hardware line new and current has left us… a little square. The new 148 knob is designed as a match to the 147, only with four sides instead of eight. Offered in all ten of our signature finishes, 148 has been an instant success for Cliffside Industries, garnering questions and orders within a short time of its introduction. We are proud to offer this item as a part of our new shape line.

149: The Rectangle

The rectangular 149-PN
The rectangular 149-PN

Since Cliffside tries to include a football-shaped or elongated knob in each of our hardware suites, the last logical addition to the new and improved Classic Suite was the rectangular 149. Crafted with the same attractive beveled edge that defines the 147, the 148, and the entire Classic Suite, the 149 is available in all ten of our signature finishes. Some early front-runners for favorite finishes among Cliffside’s dealers are the Polished Chrome and Polished Nickel.

Staying in shape

Once you “get into shape” with Cliffside’s new line, there’s nothing more important than “staying in shape”. Cliffside Industries understands what an arduous process choosing hardware can be. We also know that when a customer picks something that they want, they want it to stay that way. Keeping that in mind, Cliffside has ensured that our new 148 and 149 knobs come with convenient brads that can be used on the back of the knob. These brads attach into the face of the cabinet when installed, holding the knobs firmly in place and making certain that the square knobs that were installed don’t turn into diamond shapes through loosening and turning.

Other Shapes

If you are interested in some less geometric shapes, watch Cliffside’s website in the upcoming weeks for the addition of several new lines of novelty hardware; all told, we are adding more than 200 new items to our line!

As always, if you have any questions about anything you see on our blog, you can contact the blogmaster or get in touch with our customer service department.

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