Factors to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Hardware

selecting cabinet hardware

Accessorizing your kitchen is a way to express your style. Selecting the right kitchen cabinet hardware will give your kitchen an immediate update in appearance and functionality. Whether you’re giving your existing cabinetry a fresh new look or searching for the knobs and pulls to fit a new installation, there are a number of factors that should influence your final choice.

From the practical uses of hardware to the purely aesthetic appeal, we’ve covered a number of things that you’ll want to consider to be able to make the most appropriate choice for you and your home. We’ll also highlight each of our hardware suite collections that include a minimum of four handle sizes along with coordinating knob designs, cup pulls, cupboard latches and hinge options. Most of our suites offer various choices in finishes to provide an accommodating array of color for every kitchen style.

We’ve recently added two new lines of contemporary brass hardware to our suite collections to provide you with a wider range of decorating possibilities. With eight top-quality kitchen hardware collections, we’ve got the look for any style you want to create.

While your kitchen hardware is a small part of your home, it is an important element of the overall design of your kitchen and is the added “spice” that improves the look and use of your cabinetry. It’s the final touch that establishes the style and mood of the space. It’s the fine detail that that reinforces your personal taste of simplicity, elegance or uniqueness.


Kitchen Hardware Collections

Our extensive line of quality, crafted suites offers you a consistent look with all your fixtures that can be beautifully used throughout your home. Because we offer a wide range of hardware designs and finishes in our collections, you can be creative with color while still maintaining a consistent look in your kitchen and in other rooms. Many of our suites come in ten different finishes. So, whether you need a few pieces or a full hardware set, you will be impressed with the options available in our collections of handles, knobs, cup pulls, latches and hinges.


Tips for Selecting the Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

visual appeal

When designing or redesigning your kitchen, there’s no other part that is so small yet so vital to the overall theme you’re trying to achieve in your decor than your kitchen hardware. Although highly practical, handles, pulls and knobs add a lot to the visual appeal of your space. Just an update in hardware alone can change the mood of your kitchen. With so many options in interior design styles that you can mix and match, these four factors will show you how to select kitchen hardware that complements you and your home in every way.



The practical matters of kitchen hardware make it a necessity in a high-functioning kitchen. Be sure to keep in mind how the size and shape of a chosen handle or knob will interact with other open doors and with traffic moving through your kitchen. Also take into account the hands that will be opening doors and drawers and whether there are any specific issues like arthritis or other physical problems that make gripping some handles difficult.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Some handles and knobs will stick out further than others. If your kitchen is more spacious, this will likely be less of an issue, but if you’ve got limited space, choose hardware for base cabinets that doesn’t protrude too far beyond the countertop.
  • The larger and heavier the drawer or door, the larger you’ll want the handle to be. All our hardware suites have a minimum of four different sizes of handles along with extra-large handles for paneled appliances.
  • Larger handles are also easier for gripping, so these may be the best option for those using your kitchen that have arthritis or big hands.
  • Handles, cup pulls or knobs could all be an option for the same door or drawer. Consider how each would work to help you open and close the drawer or cabinet that you’ll use again and again.
  • Quality materials in the manufacturing of kitchen hardware play a big part in weight, strength and durability. All of our collections are primarily made of brass, bronze and stainless steel, and our special-order hardware is mainly crystal, pewter, marble and stainless steel.
  • If you live near the ocean where the air has a high content of salt, choose non-lacquered pieces such as stainless steel, marble or wood.


The Interior Design Style for You

What’s your interior design style?

Don’t feel like you have to conform to just one style — you can mix it up to get a uniquely defined theme to your kitchen. But it helps to know what the main styles are to guide you in the right direction for your kitchen cabinet hardware selection.

forming the foundation

The list that details all the different styles for kitchen decorating is long and creative. Whether you like the look of art deco, French country or Tuscan design, you’ll find these three main decorating styles form the foundation for all the creative themes.



Whether you favor old-world charm, country creations or a classic cottage designs, traditional styling welcomes the inclusion of coordinated elements, comfortable layouts and timeless touches. The use of natural colors and materials is the focus to create a space of symmetry and balance.

A traditional European-styled kitchen honors elegance with personal expression. Our Sedona Suite provides the timeless look to Old World-inspired designing and a unique option to add a rustic look to any space. Crafted from blended metals to produce three distinctive patinas, you’ll love the how the handle’s circular base and thin, minimalist bar meld with your cabinetry.

All Sedona collections are uniquely distressed and pitted to give that “worn-and-loved” look to the variety of handles, distinctive knob designs and cup pulls. Although only available in three color choices, you won’t be disappointed at the unique offerings in design and personal expression you can make with this kitchen hardware collection. And if you’re feeling bold, be sure to add that rustic look in two or all three of the finishes.



Contemporary and modern designing often incorporate sleek lines — straight or curved — and solid colors. Shades are generally muted neutrals with a splash of bold colors in accessories and furniture. This style ties into current trends, reflecting the style of the design and fashion industry’s latest looks. With an organizational focus of keeping clutter out of view, there’s lots of opportunity to adorn cupboards, drawers and other hideaways with just the right hardware for the room.

In the kitchen, this style would include tubular or rectangular options for hardware with streamlined pulls. Our Stainless Steel Suite is a popular choice for this look due to its visual benefits as well as its durability. This collection includes two distinct styles of solid bar pulls with either thin legs or wide feet in a range of sizes. With a brushed natural finish, this collection will fit into any modern kitchen design to match other stainless steel elements or be a crisp and clean option to add some practical elegance to any space.



Transitional designing mixes up modern and traditional elements. For example, a modern-designed kitchen can be accented with some traditional furniture and fixtures to create a cozy classic space. Our Rope Suite is one of our most popular traditional styles that has remained a favorite for years. The intricate rope design on the handles and pulls adds just the right amount of decorative interest that compliments a variety of kitchen styles.

As one of our solid brass collections, the Rope Suite hardware is available in ten finishes, like silver satin that will beautifully contrast with deep toned cabinets or the iron finish that looks distressed and textured for a classic rustic look.


Material & Finishes

Cabinet hardware is manufactured at all different levels of quality. Comparing a kitchen with low-end hardware to a kitchen with high-end hardware, you can tell the difference in wear and functionality after a few years of use. Just like most products, the quality comes from the materials used as well as the process of manufacturing. Cliffside’s fine hardware suite collections are mainly made from forged European bronze, solid brass and top-quality stainless steel. The weight and strength is noticeable as soon as you hold it in your hands, and it is likely that the cabinetry will need an update long before our properly cared-for hardware.

forged european bronze, solid brass and stainless steel

When you’ve found a hardware design that suits your style, you then need to decide on the finish. While we’ve made it a little difficult by offering our collections in so many finishes, we have a few guidelines to show you how to select the finish of your kitchen hardware to suit your space and your personal taste.

  • Look at the other fixtures in the room like appliances, faucets and lighting, and match up your hardware finish with one of those. Have a brass faucet? Get your kitchen hardware in our antique brass finish.
  • Don’t match every finish in your kitchen (unless that’s just the look you’re going for!). You can harmoniously blend chrome with polished nickel or black with silver satin.
  • Complement painted cabinets with colorful classic finishes such as Venetian bronze, old antique, polished brass or old copper.
  • Mix up hardware from different collections and keep the same finish. Four of our suites come in the same coordinating ten finishes, so you can easily mix them up, and our newest collections, Modern and Carena, are available in the same four coordinating finishes.
  • Select contrasting finishes that work well together for a uniquely modern style. Iron furnishings with stainless steel appliances and old copper hardware can look visually appealing and bring an intriguing, eclectic feel to your space.

8 cabinet hardware options

We offer eight design options in our suite collections and cover every mood and style of interior design. We have four kitchen hardware collections with the widest selection of ten finishes:

Our two newest collections have four finishes to suit your decor:

Our Sedona Suite is made with three variations of blended metals to provide three distinct color choices.

Our Stainless Steel Suite is the eighth collection that boasts a luxurious look in its natural composition.


What and Where to Install

When you’ve got a style defined, the right collection picked out and the finish decided upon, you can now take into consideration what hardware you need and where you want it positioned on your cabinetry. If you’re getting new cabinetry, ask that handles not be put on until all the cabinets and drawers have been installed. That way you can hold your handles, knobs and pulls in different positions and heights to find just the right setup.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you’re deciding on the positioning and items of your kitchen cabinet hardware selection:

  • The general rule for handle placement (but feel free to break this rule to complement your personal taste) is to position handles horizontally on pull-out drawers and vertically on doors.
  • For a streamlined look in a contemporary kitchen, you can consider placing handles horizontally on doors.
  • Open doors and drawers should not have handles positioned in a way that they will hit one another.
  • For a minimalist look, you could equip all your lower cabinetry with handles and knobs while leaving overhead doors free of fixtures.
  • A knob, handle or pull could be an option for most of your cabinetry. Consider the functionality and look of each and how it ties in with your defined style and use. Round kitchen knobs provide a home-style country look and may be a better choice for the majority of your cabinetry. Alternatively, handles and pulls add more of a sophisticated, elegant look to your space, especially when combined with certain finishes.
  • Wider drawers can be paired with two knobs or one wide handle. All of our suite collections offer at least four different sizes of handles and two-three knob sizes and styles.
  • You can decide to contrast or blend in with your positioning and hardware selection. While cup pulls have a somewhat classic appeal, they may be just the contrasting element you’re looking for in your art deco styled kitchen.
  • Your budget may also determine the choice of hardware to appropriately equip your kitchen.


Hardware Collections Make It Easy to Update Any Room

Picking pieces from the extensive options in our suite collections can be done for every room of your house. Whether you have some living room furniture that needs to be outfitted with a new look or a wardrobe closet that needs to be a bit more appealing, you’ll be able to use our handles, knobs and pulls to give those pieces a fresh update.

Our miniature knobs are a popular pick for pull-out spice racks and breadboards and are just as useful on an antique desk drawer or as a decorative addition to a handle-less chest of drawers. With a quick glance around your home, you can probably find an array of places you could update to better fit with your personal style. Get a simple latch or set of handles to make your bathroom a better-functioning and better-looking space for you and your family.

The most important factor to remember is that decorating your home is mostly about you. Mix and match from our different collections and vast selection of specialty items to create that eclectic look that you can call home.

Now that you’ve got the information needed to select the right kitchen cabinet hardware, go make a statement with your decorating from one of our hardware suite collections.

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