Cliffside Industries Introduces New Non-Mortise Hinges Available In Top 11 Finishes

Drawing on decades of experience distributing traditional solid brass hinges

Cliffside Industries today announced the arrival of its new BH3A-NM hinge line. These new hinges are manufactured and finished by the same companies that make every hinge offering in the hardware line. This new hinge offers a longer barrel (3½”) and leaf (2½”) which is excellent for use in the construction and hanging of larger-sized cabinet doors. Each hinge is fully adjustable and countersunk to meet the exacting standards that Cliffside’s customers demand. In addition, the barrel diameter (¼”) is identical to that of the BH2A-NM hinge, making it seamlessly easy to use both sizes in the same application without fretting over style differences.

“In the same way that our BH3NA hinge offers a bolder alternative for those customer seeking a mortised hinge, the new BH3A-NM offers a larger size for those manufacturers who prefer not to have to mortise their doors,” said one customer service representative.

Cliffside offers eleven standard hinge finishes available to choose from: Antique Brass and Antique English, Black, Iron, Old Antique, Old Copper, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Silver Satin and Venetian Bronze. These finishes cover the entire hinge line for the BH2A, BH2A-NM, BH2A-NF, BH3NA, and  BH3A-NM styles. For more information on other hinge styles and finishes, visit the Cliffside website by following the links below.

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Company Information

Cliffside Industries has been designing and distributing high-quality solid brass hinges since 1987 and supplies many of the industry’s most respected cabinet manufacturers. Cliffside’s hinges are high quality solid brass extruded hinges made by European craftsmen who are masters of precision hinge making. We believe that our hinges exemplify the highest quality in the industry.

Further information

Contact Cliffside customer service for more details and ordering information:

“Cliffside Industries is an award winning distributor of traditional solid brass hinges, knobs and pulls respected industry-wide for our customer service. Family owned and operated since 1987.”

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