Top plays of the day

Imagine the catchy theme of ESPN’s SportsCenter drifting past your ears as you come head-to-head with a few tricky pages from the back of Cliffside’s playbook. It’s the top plays of the day!

Wide World of… Hardware!?

Love football? See BR190!

As Florida celebrated last night’s NCAA football championship, they hoisted a football-shaped crystal trophy. Tight end Aaron Hernandez led his team in catches, as quarterback Tim Tebow rushed for over 100 yards. He displayed incredible speed, as does Cliffside’s warehouse, who will ship your hardware within 24 hours of receipt of the order, as long as the pieces are in stock.

Golfer? It's BR150!
Golfer? It's BR150!

From the gridiron to the greens, Cliffside offers a selection of woods and irons for your golfing pleasure. We also pride ourselves on the steps we’ve taken to protect the environment through using responsibly harvested trees in our catalog.

K-579-AB, the new "X"-style knob

Cliffside offers a look at extreme sports as well, from the cages of ultimate fighting to the “X” games we play designing new X-style knobs and pulls. If it’s truly a physical sport you seek, step into our world of hockey, where the boards can certainly assist you in your hardware sales.

P-399-8-OC and P-399-12-OC, two new "X"-style pulls
P-399-8-OC and P-399-12-OC, two new "X"-style pulls

Prefer European to American? Search no more; we have your football right here; it’s the World Cup! We also offer quality-made European solid brass hinges, with ball finials coming soon to a venue near you! Journey across the Channel to Wimbledon for outstanding customer service, only a click or phone call away.

Go for the gold!
Go for the gold!

So if you are looking for an action-packed (and fun!) hardware experience, go for the gold (like gold medalist and butterfly specialist Michael Phelps) and come to the heavyweight champion of the hardware game: the solid brass hardware of Cliffside Industries!

The beauty in nature

One of Cliffside's crystal knobs
M13-32-SS, lead crystal with a silver satin stem

Natural materials, such as brass, crystal, stainless steel, bronze, iron, pewter, stone and marble are very popular. These are being integrated in all areas of the home, especially kitchens and baths. In fact, they are often mixed and matched throughout so that it remains interesting to the eye.

There are many brass and stainless steel materials in the kitchen and we are seeing a lot of crystal in master suites. Natural brass, stainless steel and crystal are the most popular and tend to be the main materials that are used.

T565-30-BNA, a contemporary knob made from stainless steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is found throughout the housing industry: on dishwashers, refrigerators, sinks, ovens, microwaves, coffee makers, blenders, towel bars, and even plumbing and electrical fixtures. Crystal has really made a comeback, as well, and it has become a focal point of the master bath.

Neutral finishes

Many designers find that it’s best to stay neutral when it comes to finish. Color palettes today lean toward neutral elements to create a timeless appeal and a high-end environment. We’re seeing an increased desire for silver and gray finishes and natural earth tones.

BH3NA-OA; the old antique finish is a rich brown color
BH3NA-OA; the old antique finish is a rich brown color

Soothing, cool colors and rich materials are in demand often highlighted by mixtures of color and texture, such as stainless steel appliances with gray hardware, or darker cabinets mixed with dark chocolate brown hardware. The gray and natural materials and the very clean, simple classic lines are more enduring.

Overall, it is definitely more of a natural look, with grays, tans, and browns, and with hardware accessories giving an accented flair to the design.

Cabinet jewelry

For the finishing touches of kitchen and master bath remodels, designers should strive to find the ideal hardware finish. Full suites of products, particularly in cabinet hardware, are offered, which should give designers confidence that those finishes and styles are going to be compatible and consistent.

IBCL-PN shows the polished nickel finish
IBCL-PN shows the polished nickel finish

Nickel is a very popular finish throughout the home-building and design industries, both brushed and polished; oil-rubbed bronze is a popular look, as are bright or brushed chrome finishes. We see similar trends in hardware; the most popular finish is satin silver followed by oil-rubbed bronze, but antique finishes are still very popular. Typically, these finishes are chosen from the same color family, and blend with the appliances and cabinetry.

There are now hand-forged hardware pieces, as well as ones adorned with real crystal. The appearance of these items supports the fact that consumers want unique details that will set their space apart from others. It all comes down to details.

Cliffside offers several different marble options, including this S-3-BEIGE.
Cliffside offers several different marble options, including this S-3-BEIGE.

Hardware is also a key component to giving any space a completed look. There are a variety of hardware options available to enhance a  kitchen and master bath remodel. Hardware is extremely important. The hardware is meant to look like jewelry on the cabinetry, not match it. It’s key that the hardware be beautiful; and everything else has to follow suit. People also prefer natural materials, such as solid brass and stainless steel, and natural looks, like marble, crystal, and stone, whenever possible.

Overall, consumers and dealers are looking for their kitchen and master bath designs to mimic the look and feel of the spa retreat, and these traditional or contemporary spaces are taking on a cleaner, uncluttered, more elegant look.

Gallery: Distinctive design features

Today, we provide you with a picture gallery to view some of the most unique and distinctive features of Cliffside’s hardware line. Enjoy!

Holiday special: ABCs of Cliffside Industries

The holiday season is a time for childlike wonder and joy, so without further ado, a blast from your past, the ABCs of Cliffside Industries, just in time for the holidays!

A is for Appliance Pull

Cliffside offers a full range of appliance pulls to suit any need, from T-shaped stainless bar pulls (T305 and D85) to 12″cc solid brass appliance handles that are the pride of our line. More styles, including a completely new pull, and 8″cc pulls to match our most popular styles, are coming early next year, and readers of this blog will get the scoop first, so keep reading, loyal viewers!

K4235-SS bin pull
K4235-SS bin pull

B is for Bin Pull

We had a couple of options to pick through for B, but we chose to feature our popular cabinet bin pulls. Also known as cup pulls, these are a popular way to add a decorative accent to the face of any drawer. Some of our most popular cup pulls include the K341, K4235, and P-398, and we will be adding a cup pull to complement our rope-series pulls early next year.

C is for Customer Service

As our slogan says, Cliffside is respected throughout the kitchen and bath industry for our fast and courteous customer service representatives. We are available to assist you between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Eastern time, and will strive to answer any hardware questions you may have, from hinges to knobs, from pulls to latches. You can also contact us any time via e-mail.

K-515 die cast knob
K-515 die cast knob

D is for Die Cast

Cliffside offers a wide selection of zinc die cast hardware, and we are offering special pricing on some of our die cast items on our inventory clearance special. This hardware is attractive and economical, as well as offering a variety of both traditional and contemporary styles.

E is for Elegance

Elegance is just one of the qualities that Cliffside hardware claims. Just look at the classic styling of our popular solid brass hardware lines, or the handmade craftsmanship of our iron “birdcage”-style hardware. Cliffside Industries is your destination for that artistic touch on your cabinets.

105 series "football"-shaped knob
105 series "football"-styled knob

F is for Football

Some of you may wonder what the gridiron has to do with Cliffside, but take a close look at the 105 series knobs. Does that remind you of the shape of that peerless pigskin so prevalent around the holiday season? We offer several other oblong-shaped knobs, including the B711 series. We will be introducing the new B721 series oblong knob in early 2009 as well, a larger version to replace the B711 in the rope series.

G is for “Green”

In an attempt to be more environmentally conscious, Cliffside has undertaken some measures to “get green.” Every Cliffside catalog that is printed contains fiber from well-managed and responsibly harvested forests that meet strict environmental standards. We are proud to be among the first catalogers in the country to make this commitment, and are certified as such by the Forest Stewardship Council. In addition, Cliffside uses a paperless billing system that cuts down on waste, and reuses paper in house to reduce our usage even further. Continue reading “Holiday special: ABCs of Cliffside Industries”

Featured product line: Stainless steel hardware

Cliffside's stainless steel hardware line
Stainless steel hardware line from Cliffside Industries

Once regarded as an expensive material for everyday home use, stainless steel has emerged in recent years as highly desirable and yet easily affordable. As the cost of metals has reduced progressively over the years, kitchen designers and manufacturers have exploited its attractive properties to provide many products for use in the kitchen.

Sinks, cutlery and tableware provided the introduction to stainless steel in the kitchen for many consumers, and these were followed more recently by ranges, ovens, mixing appliances, refrigerators and dishwashers. To compliment stainless steel cutlery and appliances in the kitchen, the trend in kitchen cabinet hardware is toward stainless steel knobs, pulls and appliance pulls. Stainless steel has become the material of choice for the kitchen and is no longer accessible only to the “high-end” consumer. To this end, Cliffside Industries provides a variety of different options for the stainless steel-oriented kitchen.


T305 series bar pulls

Some of the most popular items that Cliffside Industries has offered in stainless steel, the “T-bars”, as many consumers know them, are functional and desirable for a contemporary kitchen environment. Many of Cliffside’s top customers employ the use of these pulls in their kitchens to great effect. They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6¼” to over 57″ long! The center-to-center measurements (what’s this?) range from 96 millimeters to 1392 millimeters. If you need approximate measurements in inches, you can contact customer service for this information or check the catalog, but because these are metric conversions, we request that you do not predrill your drawers or cabinets for any of these items.


T366 series bar pulls

This series of bar pulls is Cliffside’s second most popular stainless steel family. Rather than single T-style legs, the T366 features a metal “foot” that extends to the end of the bar, lending a flat and elegant look to the standard T-bar configuration. As with the T305 series, these pulls are available in a variety of sizes, from 4½” long to just over 3 feet. The center-to-center measurements on these pulls are also metric, so again, please do not predrill. The bar diameter for both the T366 and T305 series is ⅜”, but the T366 series stands slightly taller, with a grip height of 1″ as opposed to ⅞” for the T305.


D85 series appliance pulls

In response to customer demand for a larger version of the T305 for appliances, Cliffside Industries crafted the D85 series pulls. With a ⅞” diameter as opposed to ⅜”, these pulls can take a lot more punishment than the T305. Durable and strength-tested, the D85 ranges in size from 14″ to 64″ overall and is constructed from a hollow tube of real stainless steel, rather than aluminum or plated zinc. All of the center-to-center measurements are marked in inches for these particular pulls, which are available in six sizes. The stainless steel used for all Cliffside products is standard grade 304, and the D85 tube is 1.2 mm thick.


Stainless steel knobs

Cliffside offers two types of stainless steel knobs. The T565-30-BNA is shaped like a standard knob, if a bit angular, and features a flat face centered in a slight slope. The T6312-25-BNA is unique, in that it is almost a perfect cylinder, featuring small ridges around the edge which provide traction for the fingers. Though the two knobs are unique in style, they are both solid stainless and feature the same quality found in all of the Cliffside stainless steel hardware.


Other options

If you are looking for a slightly more economical option, Cliffside still has limited quantities available on our economy steel hardware, but act quickly! These items are flying off the shelves.

If you have any other questions about the Cliffside stainless steel lines or about any of our products, please contact customer service, and we’ll be happy to help. That’s all for now; see you on Tuesday!