12 Quick & Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Kitchens are often thought of as the heart of a household. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens every day, and they’re usually the backdrop of most social gatherings in our homes. If your kitchen style is beginning to feel outdated and uninspiring, there are a number of quick and easy ways to update your kitchen that will save you the time and expense of a complete kitchen remodel.

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Armoire hinges

For the highest-quality armoire hinges in today’s market, look no further than Cliffside Industries’ AHI series inset armoire hinges and AHO series offset armoire hinges. Customers often call to ask us, “Why do you not offer any hinges larger than the armoire hinges?” For starters, the AHI and AHO series hinges are both around 6 inches long. While not exceedingly lengthy when compared to some of the piano hinges and long furniture hinges encountered in today’s market, the plus side of Cliffside’s armoire hinges is their strength of construction.

Cliffside offers two styles of armoire hinge: an non-mortising inset style and an offset style for partial overlay doors.
Cliffside offers two styles of armoire hinge: an non-mortising inset style and an offset style for partial overlay doors.

In a recent post, we detailed the value of purchasing solid brass over comparable hardware in steel or other lesser-quality materials. Nowhere is this more evident than in Cliffside’s armoire hinges. Cliffside’s solid brass cabinet hinges are extruded from a single piece of brass. They are not stamped out of a brass sheet (reduces quality and strength), nor are they made from steel (a lesser-quality material prone to squeaking and powdering). Each hinge is passed through a die and sliced off, then precision-milled by Old World craftsmen to achieve the perfect balance of form and function.

For years, we have experimented with many new and revolutionary hinge designs, and we have found that, regardless of the material, hinges longer than the offset armoire hinge (Cliffside’s longest at 6.125 inches overall) will bind over time. Consider the design of Cliffside’s armoire hinges: they have a unique two-piece construction which specifically reduces binding and allows for easy transportation and installation. Longer hinges, such as a 15-inch hinge, are 250% larger and, therefore, 250% more prone to binding, squeaking, and powdering. Most oversized brass hinges are stamped, and brass is a soft material, unable to stand up to those sort of vertical stresses over a lifetime of use.

Cliffside offers a wide variety of colors in the two styles offered, such as antique brass armoire hinges, bronze decorative offset hinges, and armoire hinges in nickel, both polished and brushed. We have a wide variety of armoire hinge styles that can be used for wardrobes, entertainment centers, large cabinets, and other oversized hinge applications. Got more hinge questions not answered here? Check out Cliffside’s informative and highly detailed hinge glossary.

For nation and for glory

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, which begin this week in London, provide a wide variety of opportunity for international cooperation and competition. Cliffside Industries is proud to salute all of the athletes who work so tirelessly to “Inspire A Generation” at home. In tribute to these hard-working individuals, Cliffside presents its own Olympic competitors and medalists for the 2012 Hardware Games!

Let the games begin!
Let the games begin!

The contenders

Team Germany

Cliffside’s German-cut lead crystal cabinet knobs represent just one of our European-made hardware options. They promise a dazzling display in the Hardware Games.

Team Italy

Cliffside Industries’ line of solid brass cabinet hinges are made in Italy and represent the pinnacle of strength and quality in the kitchen and bath industry. With impeccable precision and craftsmanship, these Europeans are the team to beat.


Team U.S.A.

Perennial favorites from Cliffside’s “made in the U.S.A.” products include our lines of solid brass luxury bath accessories, novelty cabinet knobs and pulls, and stone knobs crafted from Southwestern river rocks. A wide variety of options makes the American hardware a formidable choice.


The events

Weightlifting: the Classic Suite

Anyone using the B1 series pulls from the Classic Suite can tell you that they are heavy. In fact, each of the 12″cc solid brass appliance pulls from the B1-12 series weighs over three full pounds! With clean, bold lines, the Classic Suite is sure to make a strong statement.

Fencing: the Criss-Cross Suite

Crossing swords with an Olympic fencer may be dangerous, but there’s nothing intimidating about Cliffside’s Criss-Cross Suite. With a traditional ribbon-and-reed design, this ornately elegant hardware collection offers a dressed-up option for plain cabinets or a coordinating suite for kitchens of similar style.

Archery: the Rope Suite

The bow-shaped cabinet handles and appliance pulls strung with the braided design of Cliffside’s Rope Suite automatically conjures up images of archers speeding forth their arrows to a far-away mark. Whatever your hardware preferences, the Rope Suite will always come up on target.

Synchronized swimming: the Artisan Suite

No Cliffside hardware suite has more continuity among its elements than the Artisan Suite, which was newly redesigned from older styles in 2010. The collection is united by its faux screw designs on nearly every piece, and the smooth surfaces of the handles evoke thoughts of the glassy, undisturbed water before competition begins.

Throwing sports: the Scroll Suite

Two common elements relate the Scroll Suite hardware collection to the throwing sports of the athletic events: the discus-shaped round backplates present on all the pulls; and the round shape prevalent throughout the suite in the half-circle cup pull, the ball design of the scroll handles, and the two round 100 series and 100-20 series knobs, echoing the contour of the shot put.

Decathlon: ten signature solid brass finishes

Each of Cliffside’s solid brass hardware suites are available in your choice of ten finishes.


Triathlon: the Sedona Suite

The rustic Sedona Suite has three available finish choices appropriate to the Olympics: the Bronze, a naturally forged material; the Antique Silver, blended with pewter to create the bright gray tone; and the Antique Iron, which has a more golden color than the AS. Each of the Sedona finish collections offers a variety of knobs and pulls from which to choose.


Uneven bars: the Stainless Steel Suite

Finally, to gymnastics, with the bar pulls of the Stainless Steel Suite. With two different styles of stainless steel pulls, these handles offer a wide variety of sizes and style choices for any transitional or contemporary kitchen. The T305 series pulls have 15 available lengths and have a 1/2-inch diameter. With a 3/8-inch diameter, the T366 series handles are slightly smaller and have eight available sizes. Finally, the largest sizes are the D85 series appliance handles, which range from 14 inches to 64 inches in total length, with a diameter of 1 inch.

The medalists

3400 in Bronze, 158 in Silver Satin, and 100 in golden Polished Brass
3400 in Bronze, 158 in Silver Satin, and 100 in golden Polished Brass

Hinging on your success: part 6

In the final installment of our blog series examining hinges, we focus on the largest offerings in Cliffside’s line. For bigger applications where a 2″ hinge won’t cut it, Cliffside offers its BH3A mortise and BH3A-NM non-mortise hinges. If even those pieces are too small for your application, the only direction to go is up: to one of Cliffside’s large armoire hinges. The Cliffside line of armoire hinges comes in two styles: a non-mortising inset version, and an offset version.


Quick facts

  • Overall length: 515/16
  • Leaf length: 115/16” each
  • Barrel diameter: 8mm


The AHI, a non-mortise hinge, is an item that has seen recent expansion for Cliffside. With the advent of our hardware suites, it became necessary to increase the number of hinge finishes we offered in all of our items; the AHI was no exception. Adding the Polished Chrome and the Venetian Bronze completed this line in 2010, after the Polished Nickel was provided to complement the original eight finishes in 2007.

AHI-series heavy duty hinges are faced; this means that you must specify a left-hand hinge or a right-hand hinge when ordering. When viewing the door from the front of the cabinet, left-hand hinges are used to hang the door hinged on the left side, while right-hand hinges are simply the opposite. See the diagram below:

The left-hand armoire hinges are for left doors, as shown, while the right-hand are for the opposite side.
The left-hand armoire hinges are for left doors, as shown, while the right-hand are for the opposite side.

Although these are called “armoire hinges”, they are useful for a variety of applications. Their most popular use is for long doors, especially the size of some tall pantries, and for entertainment centers where a highly decorative look is sought. The decorative finial of the armoire hinge has proven to be one of its most popular features.


Quick facts

  • Overall length: 61/8
  • Leaf lengths: 23/16” upper; 115/16” lower
  • Overlay: 3/8” from face
  • Barrel diameter: 9mm


The AHO is an offset armoire hinge, and is the largest piece in the Cliffside hinge line. Both the AHI (above) and the AHO are two-piece, lift-off hinges, making these pieces easy to install and transport. Doors can easily be separated from the cabinet frame during transportation to make moving the cabinets less hazardous.

As with the AHI, the AHO hinge is available in 11 signature finishes. Both armoire hinges have a quirk in their finish line: rather than the brushed golden “AE” finish that is available in Cliffside’s smaller hinge lines,  the AHI and AHO have the Bronze Satin finish, a color with similar tone but a slightly different patina. You can compare the two for yourself in the image below:

The brushed golden AE at left, compared to the duller Bronze Satin (BS finish) at right
The brushed golden AE at left, compared to the duller Bronze Satin (BS finish) at right

The AHO is designed for a 3/8” overlay door, so it can be used with the same door designs as the 3-8-OFFSET series, just as the AHI can be used alongside the BH2A-NM and BH3A-NM non-mortising hinges. All of our armoire hinges are made with the same precision and Old World craftsmanship that our customers expect from Cliffside’s hinges. These pieces are simultaneously decorative and functional and are a great choice for any inset or offset cabinet manufacturing.