New display designs

With Cliffside’s custom display board program, it’s possible to create nearly any hardware board you or your customers desire. However, we do have some “old standards”: designs that we fall back on when a customer asks for something well-established. Cliffside’s hardware suites contain the most timeless and popular items in our hardware line, and we are planning yet another expansion, which we will preview on these boards.

Cliffside's Criss-Cross suite displayed in the Iron finish
Cliffside's Criss-Cross suite displayed in the Iron finish

Our new board design incorporates the traditional 3″cc cabinet pull, the matching 8″cc and 12″cc appliance pulls, and the brand-new 5″cc large cabinet pull! All of the new 5″cc pulls will be available in fall 2011, but these boards give you an exclusive sneak peek at the designs of these pieces, which will be available in ten finishes and in all five solid brass hardware suites.

At right, you can see the Criss-Cross suite, bold and distinctive in the Iron finish. Along the top of the board are the four pull sizes: 3″cc at the far left, the new 5″cc size beside it, and then the 8″cc small appliance pull and the 12″cc refrigerator pull at the far right. Below the pulls on the left, you can see the K579 knob, a Cliffside-exclusive design, and the K580, a more ornate selection. Any iron-finish solid brass knob can coordinate with this suite, like the oblong 105 shown beneath the 5″cc pull.

In the lower center section of the board, you can see the P398 cup pull, attractively antiqued and displaying the suite’s signature reeded design. Hinges are available to coordinate with all of our suites, and this one is no exception; the AHI inset armoire hinge is displayed alongside two other non-mortise hinges: the BH3A-NM (left center) and BH2A-NM (right center). All of Cliffside’s solid brass suites match our solid brass cupboard latches too, including the IBCL shown here in the lower right corner.

All in all, the new Cliffside display designs are a big hit. The 5″cc pulls are brand-new designs which we believe are the best way to complete our solid-brass suites. For further details on our displays or with any questions, feel free to e-mail us or contact the customer service department

for more information.

Displaying Cliffside’s products

Artisan Suite board in Iron

With Cliffside Industries’ custom display program, you can choose hardware that is personal to your showroom. If you order any display product from Cliffside, whether it’s bound for a board, a cabinet, or another method of display, you will receive a 20% discount on it. This applies to any hardware that we offer, including hinges and special order hardware!

Cliffside's six-sided display module
Cliffside’s six-sided display module

In response to customer requests, we at Cliffside have made many changes to our display program in the last two years. The first was the advent of the custom display program in 2008. In 2009, Cliffside introduced hardware suites and began designing boards with those suites as their basis. Now, in 2010, Cliffside Industries has added the ability to present boards in different ways. Your boards can be hung on a wall, as Cliffside’s boards traditionally have been. We also offer the ability to purchase our six-sided tabletop display modules, shown at left, or a display tower that can hold up to 18 Cliffside hardware boards!

Cliffside's display tower is new to our 2010 catalog.
Cliffside’s display tower is new to our 2010 catalog.

Since Cliffside’s display modules, towers, and boards are all sold separately, you have the ability to purchase what works best for you. For example, if your customers purchase the Classic Suite in Silver Satin, then Cliffside can construct a board based on its hardware. If your customers purchase items from two different suites, like the Rope and Criss-Cross, we can make a board holding two different suites. If your designs tend more toward the contemporary, you could consider a Stainless Steel suite board, or purchase a Sedona suite board if your customers prefer something more rustic. If your customers continually ask you for finish samples, Cliffside offers a board of all ten signature finishes.

When asked why Cliffside’s customers continue to display our product, we find a story of success. Unlike many of our competitors, who show boards full of knobs, or pulls, or one specific type of hardware, Cliffside’s hardware suite boards unify our line, so that your customers can understand exactly what is available. Once you identify your preferred style, you know that you can get any piece from that suite in any of our top finishes. Designers, salespeople, and customers alike have stated that our boards are convenient, easy to use and understand, and have been successful at promoting our products in their showrooms and shops.

For more board ideas, or to see even more new Cliffside products, visit our display gallery. If you have trouble choosing your hardware, our knowledgeable customer service staff is available from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Monday–Friday, Eastern Time) to assist you in making a choice.

Photo Gallery: Custom display boards

With Cliffside Industries’ custom display board program, you can design a board to fit the needs of your business, your salespeople, and your customers. Here are just a few suggestions of the possibilities you have as a dealer.

Remember that any board you see here can be shown in any finish that you prefer, and that any Cliffside hardware that you like can be put on a board using our custom program. The choices are endless, and they are also yours!

New display board program

As we prepare for our new catalog and get ready to add a selection of completely new hardware items to our product line in 2009, we have many customers who call us asking for display boards. In this frame of mind, Cliffside has developed a new display board program.
With our new custom board program, your board is personal to your showroom, so there won’t be another one quite like it. Cliffside Industries will ship you an attractive display board embossed with our company logo, and you can design it with the hardware that you prefer.

Order your hardware directly from our office in Pennsylvania, and receive a 20% display discount on it. This applies to all of the hardware that we offer, including hinges and special order hardware!

As you purchase Cliffside hardware directly from us, you can earn credit to recoup the cost of your display hardware for up to 24 months after your initial purchase.

If you have trouble choosing just the right hardware, contact us! Our knowledgeable customer service staff is available from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST to assist you in choosing hardware, including our top-selling pieces. Continue reading “New display board program”