Cabinet Knobs

In our signature line of hardware, Cliffside Industries has a wide selection of cabinet knobs from which to choose. Our flagship cabinet hardware pieces are our 14 knob designs that are part of the solid brass hardware suites. Each of these knobs is available in a minimum of 18 unique finishes. Because the suite knobs are all available in the same 10 colors, each can be mixed and matched between suites to reflect your unique taste.

The Scroll Suite knobs: 100, 100-20, and 105

Cliffside Industries was founded on a single knob: the 100 series in Polished Brass. Now, the 100 series knob is available in 14 finishes, 10 of which are the signature colors of Cliffside’s hardware suites. For small cabinets, furniture, pull-out bread boards, and butcher blocks, the 100’s miniature size, the 100-20 series, is also available in 10 finishes and can coordinate with the Scroll Suite in all of its colors. For customers seeking a different shape, the 105 series knob is an oblong or football-shaped knob with a narrow base. Conveniently, the 105 knob comes with a “safety brad” that can be fitted to the rear of the knob to prevent spinning, so once the knob is installed, it will remain in the orientation you select.

The Classic Suite knobs: 147, 148, and 149

The unifying feature of the Classic Suite’s 147 series, 148 series, and 149 series knobs is not difficult to see. Besides the similar contours of each knob’s base and the beveled rim prevalently molded around the face of each piece, each of these knobs has a unique shape, binding them together, along with their consecutive item numbers! The 147 knob is octagonal in shape, with a wide base for extra stability. The 148 knob is square, with extra attention paid to detail to ensure the piece is perfectly straight. Lastly, the 149 series knobs are rectangular, allowing for a more elongated or oblong look in this suite. The beveled design of all three pieces coordinates with the B1 series pulls, which are unified together with cabinet latches, cup pulls, and solid brass hinges to become the Classic Suite, available in your choice of ten signature finishes.

The Artisan Suite knobs: 110, 158, and B600

Cliffside’s Artisan Suite is an example of fine craftsmanship. It exhibits clean and simple lines, and its B622 series handles and B602 series cup pull have a decorative faux screw design that unify this collection. Its knobs are no different; each exhibits one or more of these same characteristics. The 158 series knob (pictured at center) is an example of this suite’s clean shape, especially striking in reflective finishes such as Polished Nickel or Polished Brass. The B600 knob’s ‘bullseye’ or ‘button’ design echoes the shape of the decorative screw found on the handles of the suite; this knob is a one-of-a-kind Cliffside Industries original. It is our exclusive design that is not made by any other decorative hardware company. Finally, the decorative engraved ring of the 110 series intimates both a simple, graceful line and an abstract of the decorative design of the pulls. All of these knobs are available in ten decorative finishes and can be mixed and matched with any Cliffside hardware suite.

The Rope Suite knobs: 161, B674, and B721

At first blush, the 161 series may seem out of place with the braided and roped designs of the B721 series and B674-31 series knobs. This, however, is the beauty of Cliffside’s hardware suite program: any knob can be combined with any pull design, latch style, or hinge type to create a unique and one-of-a-kind look. In this case, the K344 series pulls, a very traditional style, match well with the plainer 161 series knobs, which can also coordinate easily with the Scroll Suite or the Classic Suite. The B674-31 series is the round rope-styled knob shown above at center. It has a narrow base but a delicate contour that suits well with a variety of personal handgrips and finger sizes. For an oblong knob with a similar style, the B721 series, complete with the same “safety brad” as the 105 series knob, offers a more decorative option for customers seeking oval or football-shaped cabinet knobs.

The Criss-Cross Suite knobs: K579 and K580

The final remaining knobs are those designs unique to the Criss-Cross Suite: the K579 series and the K580 series. Around the rim of the K580 knob, you will notice several defined rings over-marked by an ‘X’ design. This style, indicative of the ribbon-and-reed molding seen often in traditional fine cabinetry, furniture, and other woodworking, is part of the unifying element that defines this hardware collection. The K580 series knob has an ornate floral design on the face,  adding to its accentuating nature. The K579 series knob has the criss-crossed ribbon design repeated on its face, with the reeds running around the outer edge of the knob. Customers seeking an oblong knob to be the third element in this suite choose evenly between the B721 series and the 105 series, and the B674-31 series often becomes a serviceable round replacement when the designer or consumer decides against either of this suite’s two selections.

Additional knob selections

For additional knob selections in brass, zinc die cast, and other alternative materials, feel free to browse our online catalog, search through the ‘knobs’ product category on our website, or view our collections of lead crystal cabinet hardware; novelty knobs and pulls; or builder’s hardware, including our Italian builder’s collection. Additional selections are also available in our Sedona and Stainless Steel Suites.

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