Buying new hardware for your cabinets

Some important tips to remember when buying new hardware, in today’s Cliffside blog.

Measure twice

This pull has a 3-inch cc, or center to center.
This pull has a 3-inch cc, or center to center.

If replacing old hardware, make sure that you have carefully measured the space that you want it to fill. It’s always a good idea to have a concept of the overall length of your old hardware, the overall length of your new hardware, and the cc (center-to-center) measurements of each, otherwise known as the distance between the screw holes. If installing new hardware, make sure that the space you are installing in is wide enough or long enough to accommodate the hardware that you like. A good tip is to bring a piece of your old hardware with you, if it’s available, to see how the sizes will match up. If you can’t find something to match, especially for a pull or a cabinet that might be slightly damaged on the surface, consider backplates to cover up rogue screw holes or scratch marks.

Mix it up

Using just one hardware style for a kitchen or bathroom may bring a look of continuity; then again, it may just promote boredom. Toward that end, consider finding a second style of hardware that matches the one you like. For example, if you chose Cliffside’s 161 knob for your doors, you could use the B1 pulls for your drawers; these pieces match wll because of their beveled edges. Another possibility is the B674-31 rope-style knob and the K344 rope style pull. You can also coordinate your hardware with the other fixtures in your kitchen or bath, such as stainless steel or oil-rubbed bronze faucets, or perhaps even copper mixing bowls.

Make your space “yours”

Ice box latches add a unique flair to any cabinet.
Ice box latches add a unique flair to any cabinet.

Find something unique that makes your cabinets stand out from a crowd. Hardware is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, from knobs shaped like animals to shiny chrome and nickel. Some tips to this end: Don’t combine high-polish finishes with natural-looking grained wood; the combination of the two will clash. Instead, consider finding contrast. Dark finishes on wood look striking next to light-colored hardware, and the opposite holds true as well.

Make smart choices

If you are making your cabinets into a DIY project, be sure to consult with someone who understands them well. A bad choice regarding hinges or catches could cause problems on your cabinets for years. Make sure that you always consider high-quality materials for all of your cabinet hardware, and always make sure that your doors and hinges are mounted properly. Improper installation can cause undue wear and tear and can make cheaper products wear out in a mere matter of months.

As always, if you have any questions about anything you see on the blog, be sure to contact Cliffside’s customer service staff!

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