Armoire hinges

For the highest-quality armoire hinges in today’s market, look no further than Cliffside Industries’ AHI series inset armoire hinges and AHO series offset armoire hinges. Customers often call to ask us, “Why do you not offer any hinges larger than the armoire hinges?” For starters, the AHI and AHO series hinges are both around 6 inches long. While not exceedingly lengthy when compared to some of the piano hinges and long furniture hinges encountered in today’s market, the plus side of Cliffside’s armoire hinges is their strength of construction.

Cliffside offers two styles of armoire hinge: an non-mortising inset style and an offset style for partial overlay doors.
Cliffside offers two styles of armoire hinge: an non-mortising inset style and an offset style for partial overlay doors.

In a recent post, we detailed the value of purchasing solid brass over comparable hardware in steel or other lesser-quality materials. Nowhere is this more evident than in Cliffside’s armoire hinges. Cliffside’s solid brass cabinet hinges are extruded from a single piece of brass. They are not stamped out of a brass sheet (reduces quality and strength), nor are they made from steel (a lesser-quality material prone to squeaking and powdering). Each hinge is passed through a die and sliced off, then precision-milled by Old World craftsmen to achieve the perfect balance of form and function.

For years, we have experimented with many new and revolutionary hinge designs, and we have found that, regardless of the material, hinges longer than the offset armoire hinge (Cliffside’s longest at 6.125 inches overall) will bind over time. Consider the design of Cliffside’s armoire hinges: they have a unique two-piece construction which specifically reduces binding and allows for easy transportation and installation. Longer hinges, such as a 15-inch hinge, are 250% larger and, therefore, 250% more prone to binding, squeaking, and powdering. Most oversized brass hinges are stamped, and brass is a soft material, unable to stand up to those sort of vertical stresses over a lifetime of use.

Cliffside offers a wide variety of colors in the two styles offered, such as antique brass armoire hinges, bronze decorative offset hinges, and armoire hinges in nickel, both polished and brushed. We have a wide variety of armoire hinge styles that can be used for wardrobes, entertainment centers, large cabinets, and other oversized hinge applications. Got more hinge questions not answered here? Check out Cliffside’s informative and highly detailed hinge glossary.

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