Add a splash of color

This aqua crystal can add a vibrant element of color to your cabinet.
This aqua crystal can add a vibrant element of color to your cabinet.

There are many ways to bring some more color into your kitchen. If you’re considering a remodel instead of a full kitchen replacement in these tough economic times, consider some of these tips to bring a new level of creativity to your home.

Hot Colors with Stainless Appliances

With stainless steel appliances still at the forefront of the kitchen world, designers have a variety of options when it comes to pairing up cabinets and cabinet hardware. Since stainless steel is reflective and therefore sheds a lot of light around the kitchen, bold colors can be used to accent the kitchen and its appliances, rather than simply matching them with silver satin or stainless steel hardware.

One of the most popular movements in cabinetmaking today is the trend toward deep, saturated colors on cabinets. This also holds true for hardware; one of the most popular Cliffside finishes is the rich, brown Old Antique. There are two effective ways to pair hardware with these cabinets. One way is to match the colors. To do this, you have to look closely at your cabinets to determine whether the stain or paint color has a yellow base or a blue base. For yellow-based colors, Cliffside offers polished brass, antique brass, and gold finishes, while silver satin, polished nickel, polished chrome, and stainless steel look smashing with blue-based paints and stains.

You can also select fully saturated colors for your hardware as well to give it a classic and dynamic look. Aside from the old antique, other finishes that are available in this family include iron, old copper, and black, as well as the new Venetian bronze, coming soon.

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