New product introduction: B1-5

B1 series pulls in Antique Brass

To introduce our new line of 5″cc solid brass cabinet pulls, Cliffside will feature a short blog on each design. The first to be spotlighted is the B1-5, part of the Classic Suite and shown here in Antique Brass. The items of the Classic Suite feature a timeless beveled-edge design, and the B1-5 is no different. Suitable for wide drawers or larger cabinet doors, or for any application where the homeowner, designer, or contractor desires a larger hardware piece, this new standard pull is sure to fill the need.

As shown, the B1-5 is part of a larger set; the Classic Suite now offers two cabinet pulls (the B1-3 and new B1-5), an oversized pull (the B1-8; usable for oversized doors and drawers and small appliances such as dishwashers, trash compactors, and under-counter small refrigerators), and an appliance pull (the B1-12; designed to stand up to the toughest refrigerators).

All of our hardware suites are available with coordinating knobs, like the Classic Suite’s 147, 148, and 149 shape knobs. All suites also have ten designs of hinges in coordinating finishes and two styles of solid brass cupboard latches available as well. For more information on this “classic” design or any of our new 5″cc pulls, contact our customer service department or any of our dealers today!

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