2011 Cliffside Power Rankings

Our last top ten list examined products quite some time ago. Since late 2008, there have been significant changes to the Cliffside product line, with the addition of over 500 hardware pieces in the last two years alone! That said, Cliffside’s products are timeless, and so this week’s power rankings will compare our 10 best-selling products to where they ranked when we first started our blog.

#1: 100 series knobs

The 100 series, shown in antique brass
The 100 series, shown in antique brass

Previous rank: 1
No surprises here. Cliffside Industries was founded with only 1 knob — the 100-PB. Since that time, we have expanded this series into 14 classic finishes which range from the glossy sheen of polished nickel to the deep vibrance of Venetian bronze. This elegant piece is a testament to the fact that the right piece of hardware can stand the test of time. It also comes in a miniature size, the 100-20, which is available in 10 finishes.

#2: BH2A series hinges

The BH2A hinge in black
The BH2A hinge in black

Previous rank: 2
Cliffside’s BH2A hinge continues to be the best seller in our proprietary European hinge line. Styled by Old World craftsmen who pay the finest attention to detail, our hinges are precision-honed to exacting specifications to bring you the highest-quality product imaginable. Solid, one-piece construction characterizes our hinges as among the strongest brass pieces in the industry, and they are extruded rather than stamped for added durability. Available in up to 15 finishes, these hinges are, without question, the best on the market. An honorable mention is given to our ball-finial BH2A hinges as well, and they are available without a finial too.

#3: 161 series knobs

One of the 161 knob's 11 finishes is iron.
One of the 161 knob's 12 finishes is iron.

Previous rank: 4
The popularity of the 161 has recently skyrocketed — so much so, in fact, that it has surpassed some of our top-selling hinges in pieces sold! The attractive ridged face of the 161 combines with its wide base to complete our second-best selling piece. Available in 12 finishes, this knob can be used in a wide variety of applications (and it’s also your blogwriter’s favorite piece!).

#4: BH2A-NM series hinges

Old antique is the most popular hinge finish.
OA is the most popular hinge finish.

Previous rank: 3
The convenience of non-mortise hinges helps them to maintain their spot in our rankings, just below their mortised counterparts. The slightly thicker barrel and finial are an attractive option for manufacturers, and these hinges are extruded — as all Cliffside hinges are — to reduce metal wear and squeaking. With 15 finishes, the selection of the BH2A-NM, shown at right in old antique, is unparalleled.

#5: 158 series knobs

The 158 looks for big gains (shown in old copper).
The 158 looks primed for big gains (shown in old copper).

Previous rank: 9
The biggest gain in positions among our prior top-10 members belongs to none other than the 158 series. Its attractive beveled backplate has made it a favorite among designers and manufacturers alike. It has a rounded face, which has become very popular among designers seeking polished chrome and polished nickel finishes. Since we added these items in early 2009, their popularity has only grown greater, and we at Cliffside predict further success in the future.

#6: B1 series pulls

B1-3 in polished brass
B1-3 in polished brass

Previous rank: out of top 10
A newcomer to the party, the B1 series of pulls is a recent addition to Cliffside’s top 10 pieces of hardware. With a classic bevel around the feet of the full and bold, striking lines throughout the piece, the three sizes of the B1 (available in 3″cc, 8″cc, and 12″cc) are here to make a statement. These pieces were left out on the very cusp of our top 10 the last time around, but no longer! The B1 series pulls are now the most popular handle in the Cliffside line and are sure to remain a hit with clients and contractors for many years.

#7: K4235 series cup pulls

The K4235 cup in polished chrome
The K4235 cup in polished chrome

Previous rank: 7
The only cup pull to crack the top 10 is the K4235, long the leader among all of Cliffside’s bin-style handles. The simple half-circle design and the attention paid to the tiniest details in crafting this pull are what sets it apart from the competition. With a 3″ center-to-center measurement, like the rest of Cliffside’s solid brass standard pulls, the K4235 is great for drawers of many sizes and shapes. It is one of five standard cup pulls that Cliffside currently offers, but it has always been — and continues to be — the most popular.

#8: BH3A series hinges

In polished nickel, BH3A is exceedingly popular.
In polished nickel, BH3A is popular.

Previous rank: 6
The longer length and beefy barrel of the BH3A series hinge keeps our customers coming back for more! Though the BH3A has dropped two positions in our rankings, it is no less popular in total pieces sold. With 12 attractive finishes, this hinge is designed to hold up to the toughest and heaviest cabinet doors. At 31/2” long overall (21/2” leaf), the BH3A is the largest mortised hinge in the Cliffside line.

#9: 105 series knobs

105 in silver satin, our most popular finish
105 in silver satin, our most popular finish

Previous rank: 8
The oblong 105 is the only non-round knob that features in Cliffside’s top 10. It’s a popular piece that is easily secured against spinning by a convenient brad that holds the knob in place against the face of the cabinet door or drawer front. Its elongated design makes it easy to grip — whether installed vertically or horizontally — and its solid brass construction ensures that this piece, and its popularity, will endure for years to come.

#10: 110 series knobs

Our newest finish, Venetian bronze, on the classic 110 series
Our newest finish, Venetian bronze, on the classic 110 series

Previous rank: 5
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