Rustic Modern Knob Ideas

Of the many interior décor styles you have to choose from, one that is increasing in popularity today seems to be the rustic modern style. Rustic modern décor blends a modern style with a distressed, rustic look, combining modern furnishing styles with a natural, raw look. It might include a distressed look on cabinets and chairs, log furniture and use of rock and stone.

One of the ideas that goes well with this look is rustic modern cabinet knobs. These are knobs that look self-made and are durable. Popular themes are knobs that look as if they were carved from semiprecious stones or made entirely out of such stones or rocks, or metal knobs made out of bronze that looks unfinished or that shows the hammering technique used to make them.

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Types of Knobs and Finishes That Work Well With White


White is a great color for many rooms in your home, especially your kitchen. A white kitchen brings to mind an atmosphere of cleanliness and freshness, which is just what you want in the place where you prepare and sometimes eat your meals. However, some people may be concerned that a white kitchen is too plain and that it doesn’t have enough life to it. A great way to solve that problem is to spruce up your white kitchen with colorful knobs and hardware.

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Vintage Hardware Ideas

One of the most popular looks in interior décor is the vintage look. Vintage décor, whether you choose it for a single room in your house or your whole home, is simple yet elegant, calling to mind a simpler time when quality artisanship and hard work were valued above all else. If you’re decorating a vintage home, the right hardware can be just the thing to complete your look. Here are some ideas on how to perfectly accent your vintage décor with vintage hardware.

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Shabby Chic Hardware Ideas

Shabby chic style embraces imperfections. There are variations of shabby chic styles, but the common theme is that furnishings with this style appear to be slightly weathered or worn. Antiques are a common choice to be a part of shabby chic décor — whether authentic or reproduced.

HGTV’s Johanna Gaines displays a version of this shabby chic décor in almost every episode of Fixer Upper. Often a part of a more industrial, modern farmhouse décor, a variety of shabby chic furniture and accessories are still very much a part of her often light and airy interior designs. However, her version of shabby chic décor (as much as we love it) is not the only one. Another version of shabby chic décor may take on more ruffles, busy floral pattern, curtains and quilts — a setting that feels a little less formal and a bit more relaxed.

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Cabinet Hardware Trends of 2017

We all want to live stylishly. We buy the latest fashions and make sure that we cut our hair according to the latest trends. We keep up with what’s new in the world of car design as well as the hip restaurants in our area.

But sometimes we forget to add our kitchen to the equation.

However, consider these statistics from U.S. News and World Report. Among the top five home improvement projects with the highest return on investment, minor kitchen remodels rank in at number 5 with 82.7% ROI.

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