Shabby Chic Hardware Ideas

Shabby chic style embraces imperfections. There are variations of shabby chic styles, but the common theme is that furnishings with this style appear to be slightly weathered or worn. Antiques are a common choice to be a part of shabby chic décor — whether authentic or reproduced.

HGTV’s Johanna Gaines displays a version of this shabby chic décor in almost every episode of Fixer Upper. Often a part of a more industrial, modern farmhouse décor, a variety of shabby chic furniture and accessories are still very much a part of her often light and airy interior designs. However, her version of shabby chic décor (as much as we love it) is not the only one. Another version of shabby chic décor may take on more ruffles, busy floral pattern, curtains and quilts — a setting that feels a little less formal and a bit more relaxed.

How can two types of décor be so different, and yet both fall under the definition of shabby chic? While there are common themes that put both of these within the shabby chic décor category, their differences boil down to the amount of shabby décor and the amount of chic décor. A home that embraces Johanna Gaines design is likely to have a little less shabby and be chicer, whereas a design that might be a little less modern and a bit more relaxed is likely to place more of an emphasis on shabby and less on chic.

Regardless of which version of shabby chic you embrace, as with any interior décor, it all comes down to the details. So often, the focus is on shabby chic kitchen cabinets, armoires, chests, tables, and chairs — larger pieces that take up a lot of space and can be true statement pieces. What separates true shabby chic from the rest is the ability to incorporate the style down to the details — shabby chic hardware.

You already know the secrets to finding and or creating the bigger statement pieces you need for a shabby chic room — everything from sanding and adding wear and tear to a newer piece, to finishing it off with chalk paint to give it that faded white look. But once you have the look, do you have shabby chic hardware ideas? What does shabby chic hardware look like? Where do you look — and more importantly, what do you look for?

Believe it or not, there is not one set hardware design or finish that is the quintessential shabby chic design. Rather, there are a few different aspects that, combined, create shabby chic hardware. Moreover, just like the balance of shabby and chic in furniture, the same applies to hardware. The first aspect of hardware you need to consider is the finish.


If you’re looking for a specific type of finish option in your furniture — whether it’s shabby chic kitchen cabinets or shabby chic dressers — you’re going to want something similar in some ways for your hardware. For example, as we mentioned before, shabby chic style is all about embracing the imperfections, so you wouldn’t want a flawless, shiny finish on your pulls, knobs, and hinges.

Instead, go for an antique brass, old antique, old copper, or Venetian bronze. Better yet, if you want something that is showing more wear, opt for a rustic finish in antique iron, silver, bronze, or a rustic antique. These rustic finishes take uneven tones to a new level. Both categories of finishes work well for shabby chic hardware. The decision depends on the piece you’re adding to and your preference. Some people prefer a less worn look; others say the more wear the better. Only you can decide how much of the “shabby” you want.


While some finishes may give your hardware a more textured look, there is also something to be said for including a textured piece of hardware. Just like a flawless, smooth shiny finish is not shabby chic at all. Having a smooth texture to your hardware is a little too chic and not shabby enough. How do you incorporate that texture into your hardware? Our Oceano Cabinet Pull and Hardware Suite is a great example. Right away you’ll notice that the surface of these cabinet handles, knobs, and bin pulls takes on its own texture, in this particular case similar to scales.

If the Oceano Suite has too much texture for you try something similar to our Scroll Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Hardware, a piece that is traditional look with a textured flair. In a shiny new finish, it may not look so traditional, but pair this suite with an antique or rustic finish, and you’ll have a brand-new set of shabby chic hardware.

Perhaps when you begin researching some of the shabby chic hardware options, you’ll find that even though the texture is very much a part of this style, you aren’t a fan. That’s fine! If the weathered finish look combined with the texture is too much, consider choosing one of our suites that without texture and choose a finish to give it a worn look.


If you’re searching for shabby chic kitchen cabinet hardware ideas, chances are you may have some restrictions when it comes to shaping. However, if you have knobs on some, or all, of your kitchen and bath cabinets — or armoires and dressers — you have some options. When we think of knobs we think round circles — and that’s certainly an option. However, there are plenty of other options — have you considered square knobs? Or, better yet — octagon knobs? Knobs come in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes, the farther away from the traditional circle knob you get, the more fun it is.

It’s hard for us to choose a favorite, but we’ll highlight a few to give you an idea of the style we like in our shabby chic hardware.


For those looking for a bold, unique shabby chic accent, we love the Tuscany Bronze Fluted Oblong Knob in both black and bronze. This knob has a unique shape and texture and makes a statement. With its oblong shape, it even gives you a little more surface area to pull on as you open your drawers or cabinets.


A part of our Classic Suite, the Antique Brass Rectangle Cabinet Knob ditches the curves for more defined straight edges. This one is one of our favorites because it strays from the traditional round shape and has a variation in texture, the antique finish helps accentuate.


Continuing with another option in our Classic Suite that embraces straight edges — the Old Copper Square Cabinet Knob. Trading in the rectangle for a square and the brass for copper, this particular knob is one of our most shabby, as the shape combined with the old copper finish gives it a more worn look — one we love.


Keeping some of the straight edges, but veering back into a round shape is the Black Octagon Cabinet Knob. While we love the edgy look of the rectangle and square knobs, the octagon shape gives this one a uniqueness of its own, worthy of shabby chic décor.


The Iron Oval Oceano Cabinet Knob is from that Oceano Suite we mentioned previously — so if you like this one and happen to be looking for hardware for several pieces, you have an entire suite of hardware with the same look. The oval shape makes it stand out ever so slightly from the traditional round shape. The circle texture paired with the right finish makes this a great addition to any shabby chic piece.


Our Fluted Antique Brass Cabinet Knob begins to get closer to the traditional circle shape, but still has a bit of flair.

If you aren’t sure you can break away from the traditional circle shape, our Oceano Cabinet Knob comes in a variety of finishes and might have just enough of an edge (but not too much!) for you. The Old Copper Cabinet Knob is another one of our favorites — it keeps that traditional round shape, but has a weathered, almost industrial look.


What if we told you to ditch the knobs altogether? Our crescent-shaped pieces of hardware are known as cup-style bin pulls and they are straight from kitchens in the 1920s and 1930s. They have the vintage flair worthy of shabby chic décor. If you’re looking to replace hardware on drawers throughout your kitchen, this bin might be just what you need to give it a vintage look. Just make sure you match them with the right finish — while the style is vintage, you can build on it even more by choosing an antique or rustic finish.

The variety of shapes and sizes available can be overwhelming. The good news is, the shape of these knobs, combined with the texture and finish can make a significant impact on your shabby chic décor. But these aren’t the only things to consider. The material of the knob you choose is equally important.


Chances are the variety of shapes may have surprised you — and we’re pretty sure the materials will do the same. After all, how many different materials can there possibly be for cabinet knobs? Probably more than you realize. Brass, bronze and zinc are probably the three you’ve seen the most. While there are some pros and cons for each of these three, the finish really makes an impact.

Two others are not as prevalent, marble and crystal. Obviously, the colors in marble vary. Within our selection alone, we have beige, black, brown, green, white and red — and many of those have a few different shades of that particular color in them. For example, there is a lighter brown that almost looks orange and a red that looks like it could be brown. Just like the marble, you would see in a counter top, there are patterns in each of these knobs. While marble knobs are not your stereotypical shabby chic accessory, with the right piece of furniture, there just might be a place for a few marble pieces.

Crystal is much more common in the shabby chic style. In many older homes, you will find crystal doorknobs, so it’s no surprise that this look is embraced when it comes to choosing shabby chic hardware. We carry knobs that very closely resemble those classic doorknobs, but also some designs that you probably have not seen before. For example, the Baldwin Flower Crystal Cabinet Knob is a different piece that would certainly give your cabinet or dresser a unique shabby chic flair.

Mix and Match

Perhaps the best part about shabby chic décor is because it embraces imperfection, you have the opportunity to mix and match — finishes, textures, shapes, and even materials. In addition to choosing individual pieces of hardware, that embrace the signs of wear and tear, choosing a few different pieces of hardware to mix and match is another example of just how much this style capitalizes on having variety.

Envision every cabinet or drawer in your kitchen or bathroom with a different knob — working with just one piece of furniture. Imagine the dynamic you could add by not choosing one knob for all of the drawers, but rather a different knob for each drawer, or take it one step farther and don’t make any two knobs the same. Who wants to have to choose a favorite when you can mix and match?

We know that while this thought may excite some, others may be horrified. Mixing and matching isn’t for everybody. But, when it comes to shabby chic hardware, mixing and matching a few of your favorites is the way to go. It certainly embraces the imperfection and makes detail stand out from the rest. How much you choose to stray from the norm is totally up to you.

After reviewing all of the options you have for shabby chic hardware, it’s hard to imagine it being an afterthought — and in our opinion, it shouldn’t be. Interior design and decorating is all about the details and accessories. Choosing boring hardware for your shabby chic kitchen cabinets or other pieces of furniture is throwing the towel in early. Whether you choose a funky shape with a rustic finish, or something with a little less flair in a more traditional antique finish — paying attention to these accents are sure to pay off when you see that beautiful piece of furniture in your home.

At Cliffside Industries, we pride ourselves in a traditional style that has stood the test of time. With our high quality, durable materials and experience in the kitchen and bath industry, we are just the company to help you achieve your shabby chic décor. Now that you have an idea of what to look for, we hope you browse our website for your next piece of shabby chic hardware.

Cabinet Hardware Trends of 2017

We all want to live stylishly. We buy the latest fashions and make sure that we cut our hair according to the latest trends. We keep up with what’s new in the world of car design as well as the hip restaurants in our area.

But sometimes we forget to add our kitchen to the equation.

However, consider these statistics from U.S. News and World Report. Among the top five home improvement projects with the highest return on investment, minor kitchen remodels rank in at number 5 with 82.7% ROI.

That being said, the idea of a complete kitchen remodel can be stressful. If you are tearing down your entire kitchen, it could be weeks before you can eat anything that doesn’t come out of a takeout container.

So, how do you get the benefits of kitchen facelift without the huge time and energy commitment?

One of the easiest, affordable, and efficient ways to transform your kitchen is by changing the kitchen cabinet hardware. Rather than replacing every cabinet or installing new countertops, replacing the hardware can be done in a day without any professional help. Just pick out the hardware that you want and install them yourself!

The key to a worthwhile hardware replacement is being in touch with the latest hardware trends. You would be surprised how much you can transform your kitchen aesthetically just by replacing knobs, handles, or hinges.

That’s why we’re bringing you this quick and easy guide to the latest 2017 cabinet hardware trends, styles, and designs.

These tips aren’t just for the intrepid do-it-yourselfer. If you are a contractor or kitchen installation professional, you also want to make sure that you are paying close attention to the latest trends and designs. As a contractor or interior designer, you need to be ahead of the curve, selling your customers on the latest and most fashionable designs.

So take a look around and imagine just how easy and transformative the latest kitchen design trends could be for you or your customer’s home!

Make it Modern

Many homeowners are concerned that their home — specifically, their kitchen — is starting to look dated. A new set of modern hardware is a great way to give your kitchen an immediate 21st-century update.

The key to modern hardware is a straight clean line and a polished or brushed steel finish. Usually devoid of flourishes, these handles and hinges are inspired by geometric simplicity.

But don’t be fooled, modern hardware doesn’t necessarily need to be matched with equally modern doors or appliances. Because they are so simple, they fit nicely with a wide range of door colors and designs.

Our own Moderno Suite comes with some different handle styles, depending on your preference. Whether you prefer a full handle or just a knob, we have a number of options in a wide range of finishes, allowing you to completely cater your new hardware with your personal interior design aesthetic.

Go Vintage

While many interior designers opt for the full modern look, the vintage look is also very on trend this year.

If you have an older home with original cabinetry or an older sink, this is an especially good option. It will allow you to match your kitchen with your specific tastes without losing the vintage feel.

This also works if you have cabinets painted with a bold vintage color. Strive for a delicate balance, as you want your kitchen to look vintage, not outdated. Don’t be afraid to get a couple different knob styles and experiment to make sure that you have the perfect look.

Consider some bold colors, like these various turquoise knobs, to add a statement to your cabinetry. And don’t be afraid to take risks!

Think Rustic for an Old World Feel

We live in an age when many of us feel we have lost something good from the past. Because of this, many interior designers are abandoning the modern look in favor of a far more rustic approach.

One of the best ways to express a rustic feel in your kitchen is through your hardware. The look of hand-crafted hardware, complete with minor irregularities and the look of distress will give your kitchen that beautiful, well-worn weathered look. Every time you go into your kitchen, you can be transported to an Italian villa or classic French vineyard.

If you have a small kitchen, we highly recommend the rustic look. Many hardware trends are designed to appear uniform. However, the visual interest generated by rustic hardware will make each individual handle or knob stand out.

We are extremely proud of our own rustic line, the Sedona Suite. The various knobs featured in this suite come in a number of shapes, from oval to round, and some with an antique texture. They also come in three finishes, silver, bronze or antique. If you’d prefer handles, those are available too, coming with a gorgeous wrought iron feel. You can also mix and match shapes to give your kitchen an especially antique and worn feel.

Choose Neutral if You Want Something Else to Stand Out

While many of us want to use our hardware to make a statement, there are some kitchen designs or aesthetics that benefit from neutral, unobtrusive hardware. Perhaps you have a really attractive backsplash or some especially detailed woodwork on your cabinetry. In this case, equally ornate handles may end up becoming visually distracting, taking attention away from the actually show stoppers in your kitchen design.

Antique finishes, which don’t have the luster of chrome or steel hardware, are a great way to make sure that your hardware doesn’t become an unwanted distraction. You might also opt for smaller knobs rather than larger handles or matching the color of your hardware to the color of your cabinets.

Check out these antiqued bronze knobs. If you have wood cabinets in a number of dark finishes, these knobs will blend in well.

Contrast Black and White

There is a particular trend that is sweeping the interior design world — contrasting black and white. Many homes have white cabinets already, making the switch to edgy black and white quite simple.

The black and white look can go in a number of different directions. Some opt for a more modern look, giving your kitchen an ultra-sleek European feel. Others choose a more vintage look, reminiscent of the French countryside. Either way, your kitchen is sure to make a big statement. It will definitely be a point of conversation at your next dinner party or family get together.

We offer a wide range of black hardware, so you are sure to find the right match for your perfect version of this bold, contrasting look.

Pair Light Color Hardware with Dark Wood

A lot of new cabinet installations feature dark, rich woods. If you really want to make the dark woods stick out, you can add pop with light colored hardware. Steel, chrome, or even white enamel hardware will make your wood look all the more rich.

This technique is an especially good option if you are already pairing dark woods with light colored walls or countertops. Light-colored hardware will draw the cabinets and light walls together.

Doing this also creates a sense of drama, so it’s perfect if you’re a person with panache who wants a kitchen to match!

Keep Up With Farmhouse Chic

Have you noticed how popular mason jars have become all of a sudden? That’s because the farm-to-table movement is all the rage these days. As people grow more concerned about where their food is coming from, they also want their food preparation to speak to this mindset.

So if you find yourself hanging herbs to dry in your kitchen or are seeking out places where you can still buy milk in glass bottles, you might be ready to make the switch to farmhouse chic hardware.

This best way to get this look is to match the color of your simple knobs with the color of your cabinets.

Coordinate With Your Sink Hardware

Another design tip is coordinating the lines of your cabinet hardware with the lines of your sink hardware. If your sink has ornate handles, consider cabinet handles that match. If instead your faucet features clean lines and a very modern feel, do the same with your cabinets.

You also want to consider matching the colors of the metals on both your faucet and your hardware. This will help to make sure that your whole kitchen feels like a single vision.

Make a Big Statement

Some of us are just more willing to be bold than others. If you are the kind of person who likes to cause a bit of a stir, don’t be afraid to incorporate unique and out there hardware.

If you are an avid golfer, why not bring your passion into the kitchen with golf themed hardware. Are you a dog lover instead? Dog themed hardware will make sure to make your love known.

You can also use big bold, colorful design motifs in your hardware. Southwestern style designs are a great way to bring a sense of place into your home. Or you can opt instead for a Tuscan or nautical palate.

If you want to browse through the nearly limitless possibilities, check out some of our more bold statement hardware.

Break the Rules

Of course, for every trend, there is the person who is ahead of that trend. If you are that kind of person, don’t be afraid to break the rules. Match colors into an intentionally clashing color scheme. For most people this might seem to garish, but for someone who has the sense of confidence, this could be the perfect act of self-expression. If you know that a certain modern hardware will actually look perfect on your colonial style cabinets, go for it!

Because ultimately, that’s how new trends are formed, through experimentation and fearless rule breaking. And people who know how to break rules creatively have the confidence to make a big splash with their interior design schemes.

A Few Practical Considerations

Whether you like modern lines or old world charm, there are few things to keep in mind as you make your hardware selections.

First, make sure that you are getting the right type of hardware for your door. For example, if you have solid, hardwood cabinet doors, a small knob may not be sufficient. While it may look fine, you could discover that it is hard to get the necessary grip to open a heavy door.

Second, keep your whole family in mind. For example, you may like dainty, small handles, but if someone in your family has large hands, these smaller handles may be somewhat uncomfortable. The same is true if someone in your family suffers from arthritis. Small knobs may look good, but they can be hard to grip if your hands are arthritic.

Third, consider your climate. This is especially important if you live near the ocean. Air with a high salt content can damage lacquered finishes on your hardware, so it is best to stick with metal finishes like stainless steel.

Finally, quality matters. If you want your new hardware to last, don’t opt for cheap materials. The higher quality the materials, the longer your hardware will last and the more gracefully it will age. Solid metals may start to show some wear over time, but with an attractive, antique finish. Inexpensive materials simply chip and only appear cheaper as they age.

Some Special Words for Contractors and Designers

For those of you who are installing hardware professionally, we want to remind you that hardware options are the best way to make sure that you are giving your customers a wide range of choices. By simply changing out the hardware, you can make a handful of cabinet designs feel like hundreds. You can take plain cabinets and make them chic and modern. You can make a standard cabinet feel custom.

As a contractor, experiment with new and unfamiliar hardware designs so that you can pitch them to your customers. By giving customers the sense that they are customizing their installation, you will help them feel like they are truly in bringing their own vision into reality.

Count on Cliffside Industries

If you want unrivaled selection and peerless quality, look no further than Cliffside Industries. We take cabinet hardware seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we don’t deal in anything else.

Since 1987, we have been providing only the highest quality kitchen and bathroom cabinet hardware to dealers, contractors, interior designers and homeowners. Because we specialize in hardware, we have an eye for detail that directly benefits both our industry partners and homeowners.

So if you are looking to make sure that your kitchen installations or renovations are keeping up with the latest cabinet hardware trends of 2017, then our extensive selection of hardware is the perfect place to start. Contact us today and discover where hardware and inspired design meet.

Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen for Summer

Nothing screams summer like a bright, airy kitchen. If your kitchen is stuck back in the dark days of winter, it’s time for an update. From simple changes to massive overhauls, getting a summer kitchen style makes the heart of your home more inviting and functional.

Maximize Natural Light

Whether you have a single window over the sink or an entire wall of windows, making the best use of that natural light is the perfect place to start for your summer style kitchen makeover. Start by giving your windows a thorough cleaning inside and outside.

A layer of dirt or cloudiness cuts down on the brightness significantly. You may be surprised just how much dirt you have on your windows, even if you can’t see the dirt. It’s best to wash windows when the sun isn’t shining on them directly. You’re more likely to get streaks if it’s sunny.

Here are some additional ways to make the most of the natural light your kitchen gets:

  • Reposition furniture to avoid blocking any source of light into the room. Move your table to a place where it gets plenty of natural light.
  • Take containers off your windowsills, and remove blinds or long curtains to let more light into the space. Even small things can block rays from lighting your kitchen.
  • Position a mirror opposite a window. While mirrors aren’t traditional in a kitchen, they are great tool for amplifying natural light. Find a mirror that fits with your kitchen’s design so it blends in seamlessly.

Window coverings can be a challenge in the kitchen. You need something that holds up to the heat and moisture that comes with cooking, but you want light to come in during the day. If privacy isn’t an issue, don’t put anything on your windows, or put a lightweight or sheer valance along the top.

If you prefer something covering your windows, choose curtains made of light fabric. Hang a curtain rod that is wider than the window. This allows you to open the curtains fully, so they don’t block the sides of the window. Choose blinds that go up easily without blocking a large section of the top of the window. Choosing lighter colors for window coverings makes the room feel summery.

Add More Natural Light

Is your kitchen still lacking natural light? If you’re up for a larger project, consider opening up your kitchen a little more. One option is replacing a traditional exterior door with a sliding glass door or French doors leading outside. The larger glass door lets in plenty of light, and the door lets you easily flow between interior and exterior spaces when you entertain.

If you don’t have room for a larger door, swap out your old model with a new door containing a large section of glass. You still get more light than you did before without as much remodeling work. Depending on your home’s construction, skylights may be an option. Skylights let natural light flow into the room from above for a lighter, airy feeling.

Replacing a regular window with a garden, bay or bow window is another option. These window styles let in more light because there’s more window area. They make the room feel larger because they extend outward. These types of windows keep you connected to the outside, which is a big part of summer.

Update Paint Colors

Painting walls is an easy and inexpensive way to change your kitchen. A neutral color on your wall keeps the room bright with plenty of versatility to change up your décor without needing to repaint. When choosing your paint, consider the existing elements in the kitchen you don’t plan to change.

For example, if you already have white cabinets, painting your walls white may make the kitchen feel a little too monochromatic. Opting for a cream or gray color on the walls keeps the look light and neutral with a slight variation to create depth.

A wall full of paint chips may seem intimidating, but deciding on a general color helps you narrow down the options. White is an obvious light neutral color that works well in almost any kitchen. When you head to the paint store, you’ll find a broad range of white and off-white colors. Warm white colors create a traditional look. Use them to create a classic or transitional feel. If your kitchen is a modern style, look for a white on the cool side.

Gray is a popular option throughout the house, including the kitchen. Just like white, gray pairs well with almost any other color. Lighter shades of gray keep the space feeling airy. Add pops of color, such as bold yellow, to warm up the cool look of gray.

Neutrals aren’t the only options for kitchen wall colors. Choosing a bright color for the wall makes the space feel cheerful and shows off your personality. Light blues and greens are popular, as are light, sunny yellows. If you choose a bright color, make sure it’s something you can live with for a while and that it goes with the existing furnishings in the kitchen.

Here are some additional tips for choosing a paint color:

  • Choose a color at home. It’s tough enough to choose colors from tiny paint chips. The fluorescent lighting in the paint store doesn’t help matters. Take the paint chips home with you to see how the colors look in your space.
  • Test it in different light situations. Your kitchen looks completely different at noon on a sunny day than it does late at night. The look may even change from early morning to late afternoon. Keep the paint chips around, and look at them at different times of day to see how the color changes in varying light levels.
  • Do a test run. Buy a small sample can of your selected color for a test run before painting the entire kitchen. If you don’t want to put the paint directly on the walls, paint a piece of cardboard or wood and hold it up to the wall at different times of day.
  • Follow your instincts. Don’t choose white because it brightens the space if the idea of white walls drives you crazy. Ultimately, it’s your kitchen. Choose a wall color that makes you happy and feels sunny and bright to you.

Add a Backsplash

Your backsplash area has the potential to be a dark, shadowy place tucked back under the cabinets. A new, updated backsplash creates a lighter look. Although time-consuming, installing a tile backsplash is a relatively easy project homeowners can do on their own.

Choose shiny tiles to create a reflective quality on the backsplash. A shiny surface maximizes natural light and reflects under-cabinet lights to make the space feel less like a cave. Subway tile or another white tile keeps the backsplash simple and bright. If you want color on your backsplash, opt for shiny glass tiles with sea-inspired blue and green hues.

Another option is to use tile with a bright, bold pattern. The design draws attention and adds depth to your kitchen design. Keep the bright, summery feeling in mind when choosing the tile pattern, but remember — you have to live with the pattern year-round.

Explore Lighting Options

Kitchens need good lighting. Not only does quality light create a bright look in the space, it also makes the space more functional for cooking, entertaining and other tasks. Natural light is important, but you need quality artificial light throughout your kitchen, particularly in work areas. If your existing lights just aren’t cutting it, consider some upgrades.

Start with the bulbs in your existing light fixtures. If you like your fixture but need brighter light, brighter light bulbs could solve the problem and make your kitchen feel more summery. When choosing brighter bulbs, forget about the watts. Instead, focus on the lumens. Lumens describe the brightness of the bulb. One bulb is usually around 800 lumens. Kitchens generally need between 5,000 and 10,000 total lumens to create a bright, functional space. Count the bulbs in your kitchen to see if you come close.

Another element in choosing the best light bulbs for your kitchen is the appearance of the light. The options range from warm light to cool light. Warm light bulbs create a cozy feeling, while cool light is brighter and whiter to energize the space.

To create a bright, summer-like effect, look for bulbs described as bright white, cool white or daylight. Bright white and cool white bulbs are 4100 Kelvin. Daylight bulbs range from 5000 to 6000 Kelvin. Check the bulb packaging to find this information.

If you can’t fix the lighting situation with a simple bulb swap, consider replacing the fixtures with newer, brighter models. For instance, replace a single light with a multi-light fixture. Pendant lighting is an effective way to make the space feel bright because the light hangs down into the space instead of shining from the ceiling. It emits the light much closer to your work surfaces than a flush-mount ceiling light.

Another option is to add new lighting fixtures where they don’t currently exist. This is one way to get the total number of lumens closer to an ideal range if your current kitchen is lower than recommended. Hire an electrician to handle the work.

Look around the space to see where you’re most lacking light. Are there dark corners? Do you need more ambient lighting to illuminate the entire room or more task lighting over work areas?

Consider the following additions to your kitchen:

  • Under cabinet lighting to illuminate your countertops
  • Above cabinet lighting to cast a warm glow at the tops of cabinets
  • Lights inside glass-front cabinets to add a subtle glow
  • Pendant lights over the sink, island and other work areas
  • Track lighting to control the positioning and direction of lights
  • Recessed lighting to increase general illumination in an unobtrusive way

Open Up the Room

If you’re up for a major renovation, opening up a closed-off kitchen makes a huge difference in how bright the space feels. Your kitchen feels much larger, which contributes to the airy feeling. Removing the wall lets natural light shine freely between the spaces, so you get natural light from both sides of the room.

This is another project that requires the help of a professional. Before you think about tearing out a wall, make sure it isn’t structural. If it is structural, the job requires more work to replace the support that comes from the wall. Once the wall is out of the way, add cabinets and countertops as a divider between the two spaces. A large island is also an option.

If you don’t want to completely tear out a wall, a smaller-scale option is to cut out a section of the wall. This helps connect the two spaces, makes the kitchen feel larger and lets light from the adjacent room spill into the kitchen. It’s a great way to feel connected to guests when you’re stuck in the kitchen.

Redo Your Cabinets

Outdated cabinets make the entire room look tired and old. Redoing the cabinets gives them a fresh look and makes your kitchen feel brighter.

Refinishing or painting your cabinets is an affordable option for giving them an updated look. Stripping and re-staining cabinets takes time, but this is an option if you like the design of the cabinets but not the stain color. Going with a light stain supports the bright look you want while keeping the wood look you love.

Another option is painting the cabinets a light color. White is a classic option that creates a crisp look. White cabinets fit into almost any kitchen design, from coastal-inspired and country kitchens to minimalist and modern kitchens. White never goes out of style, and it goes with any other color you choose, from your wall color to countertops and accessories. Gray is another neutral option that fits a wide range of kitchen styles.

Painting cabinets takes lots of patience and precision work. Spend plenty of time cleaning off any grease or debris on your cabinets. Sanding the cabinets well ensures a smooth, even finish. Use thin, even layers of paint to achieve smooth cabinets without drip marks.

If your cabinets need more than a coat of paint, consider replacing the doors on the cabinets. This option works well when the cabinets are structurally sound, but you want an updated look on the doors. Choose a new door style that fits the overall style of your kitchen. Glass-front doors create an open feeling, but organized shelves inside are essential to pull off the look. A cluttered, messy cabinet can make the kitchen feel crowded and disorganized.

For a total makeover, have the cabinets replaced completely. You get to start from scratch with fresh, new cabinets that fit your style and the theme of your kitchen. While you can install cabinets yourself, it takes precision in lining up and installing them.

Consider replacing some upper cabinets with large, open shelving. The shelves break up the large bank of cabinets to make the kitchen feel open. Plus, everything you place on the shelf is easily accessible and ready to use. Once installed, add some bright, summery decorations on the shelves along with your kitchen gear to add an invigorating dash of color.

Update Cabinet Hardware

A less involved way to update the look of kitchen cabinets is by replacing the hardware. The project is simple enough to handle on your own. If the size of the new hardware matches the old, installation is as easy as taking off the old and installing the new. For hardware with different sizing, you may need to patch old holes and drill new ones.

If your existing cabinets and drawers don’t have any hardware on them, adding pulls and handles makes an impact on the overall look. You’ll need to drill the holes for the installation.

When looking for new hardware, consider the overall style of your kitchen and the other metal finishes in the space. Choose hardware that complements those existing details. Shiny, reflective hardware maximizes light in the space.

Use Contrast

It seems logical to go with an all-white kitchen to get a bright, summer look, but too much white can make a room feel lackluster. White overload makes the kitchen seem flat and lifeless. Contrasts are very popular in kitchen design. Balance the white with a few pops of a contrasting color to add depth to the look. Contrasting very dark colors with very light colors makes the biggest impact if you’re looking to go bold.

Using contrasting textures creates interest and depth in your kitchen design. For instance, you might use a textured stone on the backsplash next to a smooth kitchen countertop. Even if the two elements are similar in color, the texture creates a visual separation that makes them more interesting.

You can create the contrast in many ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • Dark countertops with light cabinets
  • Light countertops with dark cabinets
  • A bright white island against a dark wood floor
  • Matte black trim along bright or pastel areas
  • Dark floors against light cabinets
  • Colored backsplash with white countertops and cabinets
  • Bold colored bar stools along a white island or counter area
  • Stainless steel or colorful appliances in a white kitchen
  • Painted interior on cabinets with glass-front doors
  • Bold color or textures on light fixtures
  • Bright, bold decorative elements and accessories on shelving and countertops
  • Two-toned cabinetry where you have one section of cabinetry in one color and another section in a different color

When adding contrast in your kitchen, keep in mind that less is more. Too many bold, contrasting elements quickly make the kitchen feel busy and distracting, which is the opposite of the breezy, relaxing, summer vibe you want.

Add Summer Accents

Simple summer kitchen accents make your space feel bright and sunny, and natural elements help you achieve that look beautifully. Tuck bright flowers into a decorative pitcher or vase to display on a countertop or open shelving. Create a hanging herb garden on a wall near a window. Not only do you bring in a colorful natural element, you have fresh herbs for cooking. A glass bowl full of colorful fruit is another way to bring in color to enliven your space.

Try these additional summer accent ideas in your kitchen:

  • Bright, decorative towels that double as art
  • Bright ceramic canisters
  • Patterned display bowls featuring summery designs
  • Sunny dishes on display in glass-front cabinets or open shelves
  • Colorful glass drinking cups
  • Summery patterned rugs
  • Colorful placemats
  • Vivid cushions on dining chairs or bar stools
  • Bright baskets holding your salt, pepper, spices and oils
  • Cheerful paintings or other artwork
  • Wooden lanterns on the table for a beach-like feel

Which options top your list for creating a bright kitchen style for summer? Little changes can make a big difference in the look and feel of the room. If your to-do list includes new summer-themed hardware, feel free to contact us at Cliffside Industries to learn more about our many styles and finish options perfect for any kitchen.

Introducing Hardware International

Cliffside Industries is proud to announce that we’ve added Hardware International as a new partnered brand! Since Cliffside is known for providing top-quality products, we carefully examine new suppliers to make sure that they provide the same quality of products, top-notch service, and all of the other needs that our customers expect from us.

Who is Hardware International?

Distributed by Coastal Bronze, the Hardware International brand is shipped from California and is a new, unique expansion of our bronze hardware offering. To explain a bit further, bronze hardware is alloyed from copper, tin, and other metals and is usually cast, which means liquid metal is poured into a mould or die. Hardware International’s one-of-a-kind collection of designs are finished by hand to ensure the highest quality.

Hardware International has several groups of products, similar to Cliffside’s suites: the Deco, Mission, Natural, and Renaissance families, which are all single-tone (one color); and the Edge, Angle, and Curve collections, which are available as two-tone with your choice of combinations in three colors. They offer their Espresso finish, a darkened bronze; Champagne finish, which is a lighter golden bronze; and Platinum, which is a lighter silvery finish.

Here are some examples of the beautifully unique products that Hardware International has added to Cliffside’s ever-expanding range of partners!


Check out the complete offering on our site to shop the Hardware International brand today! And as always…

Thanks, partners!

Decorative Hardware for Closets

Closets - Decorative

You probably already know how beneficial the right decorative hardware can be for your cabinets, drawers and other home furnishings. Quality metal hardware with classic finishes can add an element of class, beauty and strength to any home.

Hopefully you’ve already seen how the finely crafted hardware products from Cliffside Industries can give your home a distinctive and refreshing look. What about your closets? Like the other furnishings in your home, closets deserve beautiful hardware to adorn them and help them become a cohesive part of your overall décor.

Whether you’re looking to accent a closet in your bedroom, living room or hallway, the same gorgeous pulls and handles that beautify your cabinetry can bring life to your closets. A classic pull in polished chrome or old antique can transform your closet from a necessity that must be hidden into one of the stars of your décor.

Since our handles come in a variety of sizes, you should have no problem finding ones that suit your closet perfectly. Our wide range of finishes means it’s easy to make sure your new decorative closets match the existing décor surrounding it, even if you haven’t installed other Cliffside Industries hardware products before.

If you love your beautiful, elegant Cliffside Industries cabinetry hardware and have been looking for an excuse to add more of it, accenting your closets is the perfect opportunity. Our hardware is high quality and durable, with materials made to last, so choosing Cliffside cabinetry for your closets is both practical and stylish.

Order Your Decorative Closet Hardware From Cliffside Industries Today

Take the time to peruse our pull and handle selections, as well as our gorgeous finishes like antique brass, silver satin, Venetian bronze, polished nickel and more. When you’ve found the perfect style and finish, use our easy online ordering form to let us know what we can send you today. If you have any questions about our products, finishes, policies or how decorative cabinetry hardware can beautify your closets, feel free to give us a call at 717-627-3286.